Lexus ES250 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Lexus ES250

Lexus ES250 Problems

Head gasket may fail if engine overheats/coolant not serviced

The head gasket will fail if the cooling system is not serviced with the recommended frequency or if the car is driven when overheated.

Automatic transmission may fail prematurely
There are reports of premature automatic transmission failures.

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Lexus ES250 Questions

I have a Lexus es250 1991 auto transmission, that only goes forward... (2 answers)

It doesn't work the backwards gear...
Do I have to replace the whole transmission. ?
Or what coul be the problem..?

purchased this car & cannot get it smogged. am i eligible for these programs? (2 answers)

it was tested & classed a gross polluter.

transmission (1 answer)

it dose not go into gear they say water was in it, draind it & filter what else can i do.

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Lexus ES250 Reviews

Great cheap Lexus if you can find one! I own a 91 ES250 as well as a 2006 Altima SE with the VQ35 engine, I would rather drive the Lexus. Car is smooth as silk, has enough power, comfortable. This car, like the LS400 was well ahead of it's time. I still find little things about my ES that I don't have on my 06. My only gripe is that it has the turning radius of a dump truck. Lexus did great ...
Its a fun car to drive down the freeway. easy to find a parking space for. Great gas milage. However, it would be a little nicer if it had tilt steering. Repair costs can be quite expensive, but the make and year of the car says it all.

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