1991 Lexus ES250 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1991 Lexus ES250

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1991 Lexus ES250 Problems

Automatic transmission may fail prematurely
There are reports of premature automatic transmission failures.
Head gasket may fail if engine overheats/coolant not serviced

The head gasket will fail if the cooling system is not serviced with the recommended frequency or if the car is driven when overheated.

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1991 Lexus ES250 Questions

I have a Lexus es250 1991 auto transmission, that only goes forward... (2 answers)

It doesn't work the backwards gear...
Do I have to replace the whole transmission. ?
Or what coul be the problem..?

transmission (1 answer)

it dose not go into gear they say water was in it, draind it & filter what else can i do.

Repair estimate (1 answer)

Repair shop estimate to replace both head gaskets on V-6

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1991 Lexus ES250 Reviews

based on 1 customer reviews
Great cheap Lexus if you can find one! I own a 91 ES250 as well as a 2006 Altima SE with the VQ35 engine, I would rather drive the Lexus. Car is smooth as silk, has enough power, comfortable. This car, like the LS400 was well ahead of it's time. I still find little things about my ES that I don't have on my 06. My only gripe is that it has the turning radius of a dump truck. Lexus did great ...

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