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Water leaks from the headliner may be cause by damaged sun roof drain tubes.

The front struts may wear prematurely, resulting in poor handling and/or a rough ride. Struts may also be diagnosed as leading. When replacing front struts on 2007 - 2009 vehicles, the jounce bumper should be inspected. If it is found to be a one-piece black rubber part, it should be replaced with a newly designed jounce bumber end dust shield.

A no crank or no start condition may be the result of a theft system fault. Our technicians tell us that replacing the wireless control module should correct this issue.

The AC compressor may be damaged during cold weather conditions due to refrigerant "slugging." Our technicians tell us that the repair involves replacing the AC compressor and the condenser.

Vehicles equipped with 4-wheel disk brakes have had a parking brake adjustment added to their 30K interval service.
A whistle sound may be noted while driving from the left side. Modifications to the outside mirror assembly may be necessary to correct this issue.

There is a vacuum between the transmission and the engine, if i do accelerate and change gear, when i clutch down, i get a shocking sound, that vibrates the engine , meaning the transmission is not smooth. Second problem is the steering is so unstable at speed of 100KM/PH, the steering is super light that can put the car off course. I'm a European consumer, and i live in Belgium. Please let me know if there is any possible solutions to these ...

My dodge caliber SXT 2008 just woke up one morning, out of the blue my car didn't start. I tried to jump it, twice. I had no crank or not even turning over, but I could here a noise like it was trying but would fail to start like something was not electrically wired right. I can put the key in and the radio will work/lightup, etc in acc mode. But shut off like it is not communicating with the starter.

So then I got the battery tested, tha...