2008 Dodge Caliber Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Dodge Caliber

2008 Dodge Caliber Problems

Blown struts

The front struts may wear prematurely, resulting in poor handling and/or a rough ride. Struts may also be diagnosed as leading. When replacing front struts on 2007 - 2009 vehicles, the jounce bumper should be inspected. If it is found to be a one-piece black rubber part, it should be replaced with a newly designed jounce bumber end dust shield.

Water Leak From Sun Roof Drain Tubes

Water leaks from the headliner may be cause by damaged sun roof drain tubes.

No start or no crank due to theft system wireless control module

A no crank or no start condition may be the result of a theft system fault. Our technicians tell us that replacing the wireless control module should correct this issue.

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2008 Dodge Caliber Reviews

Bad vehicle choice nothing but problems....I own the 2008 caliber. I'd never buy another Dodge product. If your looking to purchase this vehicle re-think it.
I bought this car NEW and mostly its been back in the shop every few months. I ABS Light has come on 3 times and the sensor had to be replaced. I'm constaly having a Gas Cap Light come on for Evaporator Leak. Since the gas cap dosn't come with the warrenty I've replaced it 4 times now yet the sensor keeps happening, and the only way to reset it. is go to the Dealer. This is rediculis.
Purchased new in 2008 (45,000)-front strut replacement is needed already. When I originally purchased car I questioned the gas meter reader. Anything measuring over 1/2 tank seemed as if it was used up very quickly. They did not find anything at first and then told that it was a glitch and something dodge may recall on vehicles later. Mistake to have whatever coating for the outside and ins...

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