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2006 Lexus LS430

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2006 Lexus LS430 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Vehicles equipped with premium Mark Levinson stereo may experience no sound or volume that goes to maximum level by itself. An improved amplifier is available to rectify this problem.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an O2 sensor heater fault. Most commonly the affected O2 sensor will need to be replaced to correct this concern.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

A squeak type noise may be noted from one or both front seats. Squeaks can be caused by contact between the seat track locating pins and the vehicle floor pan. Our technicians tell us the repair involves removing some of the seat locating pins.

2006 Lexus LS430 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., April 6, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

On 133 vehicles, certain airbag inflators were assembled with an insufficient amount of the heating agents necessary for proper airbag deployment.  In the event of a crash, if the airbag does not deploy as expected, the risk of injury will increase. Dealers will replace only the suspect airbags to correct this concern. The Toyota recall number is 60B. The Lexus recall number is 6LB.

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2006 Lexus LS430 Questions and Answers

wcabell, 2006 Lexus LS430, 4.3L V8, Norfolk, VA

Recently a warning light and the Check PCS message came up.(Pre-Collision System)How do I check and repair this. My OBD ll meter did not show any codes. Only "linking error" A day later I...

jcvogt, 2006 Lexus LS430, 4.3L V8, Dallas, TX

light shows low tire pressure. I've inflated tires but light won't go off

Sterling, 2006 Lexus LS430, 4.3L V8, East Lyme, CT

No problem as yet, just anticipating brake rotor and pad replacement.

Sterling, 2006 Lexus LS430, 4.3L V8, East Lyme, CT

I have the navigation system with the Mark Levinson stereo. The volume control on the center console works fine. The steering column control button will change from AM to FM to CD etc. It will not...

Sterling, 2006 Lexus LS430, 4.3L V8, East Lyme, CT

What, if any components make up the Euro-tuned sports suspension? The car rides on the Lexus 18" rims.

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2006 Lexus LS430 Reviews

Thank God I did buy a BMW or MERCEDES

I have had this car since it was new, and I have found nothing wrong with it. It is a truly great automobile.

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