Buying Car Tires: When, Where, and How

What kind of tires should you buy?

The easiest tire swap is with the identical tires. Your car was engineered with a specific size and type of tire in mind for optimum performance. To maintain this suggested level of performance, simply replace the tires with the same make and model.

There are endless available brands and models of tires for you to choose from. They will vary by quality—economical choices may use lesser expensive materials and tread compounds, and brand name—some lesser-known tire brands such as Hankook perform very well and are comparable to dominant brands such as Goodyear or Firestone. The tires will also have different features and benefits to cater to various needs. For example, a tire that may have exemplary tread life may sacrifice some wet traction quality. Or, a lower price tire that is superb in wet traction may be noisier than most tires due to the tread design.

The best situation you can put yourself in is to determine what is important to you about your driving and the conditions you operate in. Then, see a reputable tire retailer for a solid explanation of the features and benefits of the tires you can choose from.


Purchasing tires can be a daunting task—and an expensive one. However, by educating yourself with a few basics, you can make a solid and informed choice.

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