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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI Models:

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Volkswagen GTI Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

Shifting issues due to internal problems in high mileage automatic transmissions can be difficult to resolve without transmission replacement.

Drive Train -- Verified

Reverse gear failures and noise in the manual transmission models are common.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

One or more power windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed window regulator which will require replacement.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

One or both head lights may not work due to premature head light bulb burnout and/or bulb harness failure. Care should be taken to inspect the head light harness connector for damage when replacing bulbs. Damaged connectors should be replaced.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because of evaporative (EVAP) emission failures and/or intake manifold vacuum leaks.

Volkswagen GTI Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, October 20, 2009

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Connectors for a temperature sensor inside the direct shift gearbox (DSG) transmission may have been insufficiently crimped. They could incorrectly read a high transmission oil temperature, and abruptly shift into neutral. The shift position indicator in the instrument panel would begin to flash and the "Depress Brake Pedal" indicator light will be illuminated to alert the driver to apply the brakes. The abrupt shift could lead to a crash. Volkswagen and Audi dealers will reprogram the transmission control module (TCM) with updated software. The recall began October 20, 2009. The Volkswagen recall number is 37E3/S7 and the Audi recall number is 37E5/J7.

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Electrical & Lights, October 31, 2007

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The caps to disable the headlight aiming screws may be installed in the incorrect positions. The cap for the horizontal aiming screw may have been installed on the vertical aiming screw. Improperly aimed headlights could cause reduced road visibility, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will install and remove disabling caps as necessary to assure they are in their correct locations. This recall is expected to begin on October 31, 2007. The Volkswagen recall number is Q8.

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Engine, December 14, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Volkswagen is recalling certain 2007–2009 Jetta, Jetta Sportwagon, Golf, and Rabbit, as well as 2006–2010 Beetle and Beetle Convertible vehicles equipped with a 2.5L gasoline engine due to a possibly damaged fuel supply line. Under hood fasteners may chafe against the fuel supply line, resulting in a fuel leak. Fuel leakage, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire. Dealers will perform vehicle-appropriate inspections and repairs in order to protect the fuel supply line from chafing damage.

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Volkswagen GTI Questions and Answers

Jay23, 1990 Volkswagen GTI, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Chicago, IL

hi everyone

first of all my car is not on the list
i have a MK2 Golf GTI from 1986 (year i was born lol)

my question is:

my car alarm is preventing my car from starting and need to remove it....

helplessgti, 1990 Volkswagen GTI, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Citrus Heights, CA

I have a 1986 volkswagon gti that dies while driving. It will crank over like it wants to start, but wont. After a while it will start again. It will run for a day or so, and do it again. I had the...

viper1, 1990 Volkswagen GTI, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Las Vegas, NV

Have a 90 golf gti 1.8 & car was running fine till one day it quits on me. engine turn over but, wont start. replaced the whole distributor with a new one & still wouldn't start. anoth...

ebans777, 1990 Volkswagen GTI, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Las Vegas, NV

not so sure if there is a relay or fuse on vw gti headlight.. i don't like fixing these kind of car it's my friends ride.

jebus, 1990 Volkswagen GTI, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Rialto, CA

the car info is wrong, they don't have my year or anything, so i lied so my question could go through!

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Volkswagen GTI Reviews

Interior: Front seat (drivers) bolsters to high (causing wear), back seat ash tray from center console came out, many plastic switch parts had paint chip off (even though car is not parked in sun). At base of front buckets seats, electric access panels have never stayed in place.

Brakes - excellent - original at 60K

Electric and lights - Fair - brake bulks don't last long and a pain to get out. Inside, front door (open/close) replaced, as over head console light replaced - electrical issues.

Engine - Good, but thermostat failed - $1300 replace really?

Exhaust/Emissions - only fair - Catalytic converter failed at 50K thankfully under warranty.

Heating/AC - other than thermostat issue mentioned above okay.

Suspension/Steering - while I love handling of car, in winter, even when car was a few years old - a lot of creaks and groans in cold weather. Really?

This car has been amazing to have. I feel like its super sexy and makes me stand out from my friends lame looking, no power car. However, its getting fairly old and I'm having lots of issues with it in the cold. Last summer I paid around 700 to fix the a/c and now my heat isn't getting very warm this winter. I had to fix vacuum leaks the only day and a broken glove box for 400 dollars. the oil changes are super high but I only change it every 4k. Recently its had a rough idle when I start it and sometime its rough when I idle even at a stop light, almost as if it wants to shut off. I'd be super pissed if I had to get rid of this car. I love how it looks and how fast it can go, but I'm unemployed right now and this car makes me want to cry lately.

I drive a 2003 GTI V6, and am very happy with this car, which is very fun to drive. It has a lot of power, and very responsive handling. My only recurring problem has been the thermostat, which has gone 3 times (twice under warrantee.) My car has only 60,000 miles on it and I expect to keep it another 60,000. Lately have been less happy with the suspension, which has gotten rough, but it's worth replacing the struts to keep it longer.

My girlfriend has a 2008 GTI 4 door automatic. After 2 years we noticed the car would always have a little trouble starting almost like the battery was drained. Also at idle the car acted like it would shut off it was very rough. Then a noise from the front passenger side wheel began to happen. It sounded like a loud coffee maker. Today she took it in for her regular oil change and the mechanic explained the turbo is damaged and needs to be replaced. She only has 59,600 miles!!! She always changes her oil every 3k miles. I knew to stay away from VW's after visiting www.myvwlemon.com but now I know for sure to stay away. My 2003 Acura CL w/108k miles has never had 1 problem.

I have mixed feelings on this car.. I love how it drives, handles and responds to the road. I HATE fixing them-parts are expensive, seem made to break and it's laborious to do even the simplest jobs. I've sunk over $5k into this piece of sh*t, and it only has 66k miles on it. I think I got stuck with a lemon, but considering how unreliable VWs seem to be I won't ever buy another one.