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Suzuki Vitara (4 Reviews)
i had a noise shooting down the side of the vehicle ;sounded like some thing was going to fall out. after 3 shops they found out that if you have any small stones between inner fender and strut tower this will cause this noise,put a screwdriver in between and and a small rock fell out,no more noise
I have owned my 1999 Vitara 4WD for 10 years now which all my four children drove when learning to drive. I replaced a clutch at about 110K (Perhaps due to children learning on this vehicle), replaced both front CV joints, and a Cam Positioning Sensor at about 125K due to inconsistent starting. The vehicle continues to run and drive very well.
I purchased my 2002 suzuki Vitara abd I have never had any problem with this truck. I taken it to the shop to repair defrost in which it was under warranty. I have kept my oil change and put a set of tires on.
Overall.....this little suv is a decent vehicle for those on a budget. Very dependable.