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Suzuki Reno (6 Reviews)
The Reno has a transmission sensor,that wears out frequently.we bought it from a auto service dealer. he replaced a faulty fan and later a leaky engine seal,then the trans sensor went out.This causes the car to slip out of gear or run at an unresponsive speed. Shutting the engine off and restarting temporarily solves the problem. I find i made a huge mistake purchasing this car.It looks great, and runs ok..when it runs.When the trans goes out is random,and i find this to be dangerous..will be looking to unload this car in the near future.
We just bought this car for may daughter? The kid who had it put lights under the car. Well we drove the car home and couldn't get the key out! Took the shiftier plate of the automatic shiftier and the two wires were broke off. HELP? We want this lights off. Also the dimer switch was removed to put a switch in to turn these lights on and off so we have no dimmer switch. HELP
I like the car, the only inconvinient is the air bag on
problems with driver side air bag light. Common to many Suzuki cars since 2005 (I learned too late). Dealers and mfr know of the problem, but no recall... want to charge buyers about $1000 to fix.

Lots of road noise from back of car. Runs great, just loud.

Air is bit weak, but works.

Some noise from transmission bearings when downshifting.

Generally, strong running car, as long as you don't hit anything and need airbags.

Not a bad car, its just a middle of the pack member in a tough class. Not one outstanding feature on it. Unlike american makes it has a good looking interior made of cheap plastic. The engine is underpowered but responds well to tweaks. Transmission can be clunky when its cold. Steering is responsive but not in your face. Suspension is right where you'd expect it to be. I think this car has a bad rap because it's made by Daewoo and rebadged as a Suzuki, but overall it can keep up well with its competitors. Just don't expect it to be a BMW and you'll be happy.
Overall not a horrible car. Tends to make a rattling noise when idle. Ok gas mileage.