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Subaru Baja (7 Reviews)
love my car but mine is a stranded and can not find a drive shaft for it.
i like this car but ther are lots subaru cheepened, and as with the 98 to 2002 head gasket issue subaru dosnt stand behind thier product , the manual trans has tooo high 1st gear and always stalls when i leave my driveway on a snow day,also driving lights go off when switching to high beams this sucks and is dangerous. also drink holder is in the way of shifter and e brake, poor lay out. also park /neutral switch went out at 80k mi ,why it has a park switch on a stick nobody knows!
LOVED my Baja--the perfect vehicle for the Western NC mountain terrain, good on gas, plus the handy back compartment for hauling a bale of hay for the garden or taking the trash to the dump--that is, until it burst into flames on I-81 coming into Syracuse last week. I was lucky to get out. Took 4 firetrucks, and literally melted into the pavement. "Nightmare" does not begin to describe it. Fire inspectors determined it was an electrical fire originating with the blower (fan) that circulates air through the vents. OMG.
All I can say is I LOVE MY CAR!!!! I was thinking of trading my car in but not sure what i wanted...sitting at a light one day i saw a yellow (not to crazy about that color) subaru baja pass me and i followed it so that i could find out the make and model....checked the internet and there happen to be one at a nearby dealership....and the best thing is its favorite color....sad to hear they stopped making them....
I Love this car! It does so many things for me. I would have bought another if they hadn't stopped producing them. I may pick up an 06 if I can find a low mileage one.
Fun car. Plainer the enough -- Non- turbo here with a more than a few miles. So, I don't have to worry about premium gas and added maintenance cost. Very functional bed, easy to lower and lift most things and the bed extender with cargo hole will allow a person to get almost anything they want from LOWE'S. Groceries are a cinch. rugged interior with a lot of child safety features built in. AWD all time gas mileage isn't bad.
overall I am quite satisfy with this Baja. Good acceleration and good performance.