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1998 Mercury Mystique (10 Reviews)
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I LOVE MY MYSTIQUE! Bought my car for $2,500, 2 years ago. It only had 98,000 miles on it. I've replaced the timing belt, had front and rear brakes done, put on a couple new tires, and put a new battery in her. I'm calling to get the new instructions for adjusting headlights. I do have problems with the blinkers and brake lights. I have the GS model and I just love the get up and go power it has.
I've owned about 15 used cars and this one is the BEST so far.
mechanic replaced timing belt and it still runs poorly replaced plugs wires air filter .
This was literally, the "little old ladies" used car when we purchased it. It was seemingly a good deal at 2900.00 for a 51000 mile vehicle. Several months later, the transmission blew up. The front brakes - rotors, pads, calipers, hoses were all replaced. We've poured so much money into this massive POS that we could have instead just bought a new vehicle. It is now a 7500.00 dollar hunk of metal worth 800.00. In the warm weather, you can't put gas into it. The roll over safety check valve has swelled and unless it's cold, or early morning in the summer, filling the tank takes close to 15-20 minutes. We literally hate this car. Now, the replacement transmission has also blown up. Guess what? you've got to TAKE OFF THE FRAME to get the transmission out. Our lives are filled with hate for this horrible, horrible car. I'm practically ready to set it on fire and watch it burn.
At almost 300K miles, and considerable labor and parts over the last two years, it seems this car is trying to stay on the road...but my local repair shop(s) isn't(aren't) giving me much help. Three days before the last heater hose blew up (literally), I had taken my car to the shop to investigate anti-freeze leaks, only to be told that it needed a head gasket and they would be unwilling to do it! Consequently, I still had to do the hose job myself three days later, which was my ORIGINAL complaint! This car has been great until the last two years or so, but I guess it's to be expected with a 15-yr-old car! I've gotten about 10 good years from it!
I think this car is a Blessing.
I bought this car 4 years ago and put over $5,000 in repairs. 1 month ago had another repair two times egr valves replaced, and the check engine light is still on. I hate this car, and would not recommend it to anyone. Another lemon I got stuck with. Now I will not pass inspection. The mechanics that worked on it put the car on the computor and they cant figure out what it is. any ideas someone
my mystique has 94,000 miles on it and my only problem so far an overheating problem, other then that im currently doing alot of preventive maintance based on reviews i have read online.
1998 Mercury Mystique

Fuse Box ... NO GOOD!
I had it rewired, replaced and worked on numerous times and my car still cuts off on me while driving from the starter relay connection in the fuse box, on the freeway!
My brake rotars has grooves in it as if someone dragged their fingers through sand. i had the a/c condensor replaced and the car itself poked a whole in it and released all the new freon in it. My fuel pump went out and i just had it replaced, and the steering is bad, never has been in an accident.
This car I would not recommend to anyone, The engine light stays on no matter how much maintaince you have done on the car.
My parents own one and they have it in the shop every month. I have a Mini Cooper and a Honda and nowhere near the problems this has. Heck, just look at the list of recalls and service bulletins! I'm not even going to list all the problems, just avoid one of these!