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2006 Honda Element (4 Reviews)
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I have the 2006 Honda Element, and have read some of the reviews written with the frequent brake changes on this vehicle. Couldn't agree more, I have changed the brakes at least 3 times or more. I have done the brakes myself all three and don't have any problems until a couple months later.. when they start grinding and the caliper slides of rear seize even when I make sure that I brake lube the sliders before putting them into the rubber boot. My rotors have a 2 year warranty and brake pads lifetime warranty which is saving major money!
Since bought new in 2006 I have had no MAJOR problems with the vehicle.. Frequent oil changes, brakes, and gas pump visits.. Also Struts and shocks clunk, (used to in the rear but I changed the rubber boot for the swing arm bar in rear. And the clunking stopped.
I would love to have it like brand new again, but it does its job gets me where I need to go. I do my best to up keep on maintenance.
I also have light shortages i believe. One of my interior lights went out, had to change headlight bulbs more than a few times(even when I was careful not to touch bulb when changing), and my horn. Horn sounds like a dead goose…and ya have to take the whole front bumper off to change it.. horrible design…More work, or more money in labor...
The Two front Haul making Noise went vehicle in motion
The "Real Time" four wheel drive should be called Real Crime 4WD. This system is a joke even with 4 snow tires. I have never replaced brake calipers on a car before, on this vehicle I replaced 3!, they seized after loosing brake fluid?. Engine has no torque and I have a 5 speed manual. Interior is cheap, does not stand up to what the adds say it will take. Drivers seat has tears on the seat cushion. This is a problem with the 06. Where are the storage pockets?, few and too small. Noisy and terrible mileage, 21mpg on the highway and 15mpg in the city. I can get this with a small v8 and power to spare. The one decent thing about it is the stereo. This will be my last. Every car has an issue or two, no one builds perfection but this one is too fragile in all categories.
2006 with 45k miles. Absolutely love it, and have had no major problems. Will be replacing the rear differential fluid to solve the recent minor problem that I've had with turns. Good to know it is easily repaired.