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2007 Dodge Ram 1500 (16 Reviews)
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I bought my RAM 1500 4x4 Quad Cab with a 5.7 liter hemi new in August 2007. It now has approx. 172,000 miles. Obviously I put on a lot of freeway miles on it but I also towed a fair amount with a 4,500 lbs travel trailer along with some lighter towing of snow mobiles and boats. This is what I have replaced in the time I have owned: 2 sets of brakes, 1 wheel bearing, tie rod ends, 1 exhaust manifold, one EGR wiring harness, 1 transfer case casing, 1 set of spark plugs. The exhaust manifold and the transfer case Dodge replaced under my lifetime powertrain warranty. Not bad for the number of miles. Overall its been a great vehicle and it does awesome in the snow which I drive in quite a bit. My minor quibbles are MPG, ride quality and the lower grade interior bits. The Hemi has multi-displacement and was rated at 14 City and 18 Highway. You can only achieve 18 MPG if you drive a steady 60 on flat ground. I usually get something closer to 16 MPG. The city is even worse as I usually get 11-12 MPG around town. The interior at the time was far behind Ford and Chevy and includes a lot of hard plastics and foam so stiff on the seats its like sitting on a park bench. I am a average height/weight guy and the side bolsters seem to be made with bigger people in mind as they don't touch me on either side. Brake feel is a bit spongy, I have considered changing the stock rubber hoses over to braded ones but I guess it hasn't bothered me enough to spend the time or money. After 172K it still burns no oil and pulls like a locomotive. I would buy another if I could go back in time as its been a great truck that will be difficult for me to part with.
I did have a 2007 4.7L Dodge ram 1500. Ok where do I start I will try and make a long story short. The suspension is terrible, after the 100,000 mile mark everything began to go wrong. I had to replace the radiator twice, the heater core went out and I heard this was a major problem in all dodge rams. The right side head went out, then the left side head went out. I guess if you have the time to deal with these problems this will be an ok truck but for me I need something dependable and this truck was not.
Love how it looks and drives butttttt only had it a week and iv bought 2 tires (controll arm broke and rubbed a deep grove in the tire)fixed it and now its sitting in the side of the rd axting like it cant get gas and my dad is getting it back here to look at it any thoughts of what it could be let me know oh did i mention it is turkey day and it broke down on me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let me start with just saying that i have been a long time dodge fan and owned 4 different ones over the years, going down the list interior is cheaply made seats are horrible fit and finish sucks, brakes work about as good as fred flintstones, a set of ebc yellow pads helped a lot though, no electrical problems, engine has been fantastic other than 2 water pumps one at 55k the next one at 59k up to 75k on second replacement, truck has multiple displacement system, if i get 13mpg on highway im having a good day, thats doing 65-70, suspesion is horrible factory shocks went bad around 30k and lower control arm bolts froze in place had to have them cut out and replaced, a nickles worth of anti seize would have gone a long way. transfer case will not shift out of 2wd, doesnt throw codes dealer wont fix it, so if you want a 1/2 ton truck dont buy one of these, unless of course its mine.
i have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 4x4 I am having trouble again with the rear this is #3 rear going in to this truck, they have no clue why this is going on, i am about done with this truck can anyone help me out if they have any info that would help big time. thanks Jesse
I bought it new in 2007. 5.7 1500 crew cab. The transmission has always been a bit wierd, but never gave it much thought. just yesterday at 82,000 miles, the transmission crapped out. The truck has been well maintained and only has 82,000 miles. The transmission should not be causing issues this early in the game... Shame on dodge.
2007 1500 4.7 liter. For the money; picked it up used winter of 2009 with 32K, for 13,500; not terrible, but can't brag about it either. To be fair though, it hasn't cost me much to maintain. I just finished putting on a water pump, for $60 and a battery a few weeks ago. Everyone has already talked about the poor fuel mileage, and the rough suspension. I wish I could have found the larger engine at a good price when I was looking, but I do feel I got a good deal. AC leaks a bit, but couple cans of recharge and it's ok.
Well my boyfriend has a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 and he decided he wanted to replace the factory radio with a :better" one. So he begins his journey of installing a radio with woofer speakers and amps. Ok he is NOT a mechanic of any kind. He has had the door panels off,the dashboard off, the radio panel board off, and so on. He has cut wires that he had no clue what they were for and this morning he finally did itm he cut a seriously wrong wire, he cut the Electropnic Throttle Control (ETC) wire. Ok so does anyone know what he needs to do to fix it besides stop working on it himself? Help please, I have a morron for a boyfriend.


I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. We love it it does get on gas. We drove from Vegas to Chandler AZ. on a 1/2 tank of gas. The A/C could be a little cooler but we are in the heat out here. We also have a 1987 Dodge Ram 150 and I my say it runs as good as our 2004. It does not do as good on gas and in the heat it seems like it is vapor locking on us when it get too hot but for having over 200,000 miles on it great! We have tried others (Chev., Ford, GMC) and we always go back to a dodge. What can I say we are a Dodge Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've only had this truck for a week, so my review may not be very comprehensive. I love everything about the truck except for two things. The fuel mileage is a little lower than expected (4.7L/Auto) and the transmission appears to be doing its own thing. It shifts into O/D too soon. Some times when it should downshift, it won't. It will just bog down until I mash the accelerator harder forcing it to downshift. If it weren't for those two very important items, this would be the perfect truck. I've had Chevys, Fords and Toyotas. This feels the best (even with the bad mileage and trans prob).
Converted Ford Fan - I have owned my 1500 for just over a year & had been really pleased with it so far with the exception of I guess the MPG (but in all fairness; I do run the roads). Well last week I hit a deer on the way home EARLY in the morning; the rest of the story changed me from being really pleased to absolutely in love with the Dodge. I was on a two lane pretty straight HWY. traveling up there in speed. I knew better but when we hit I mistakenly overcorrected & ended up riding on the shoulder of the opposite side of the Hwy. I knew the area I was in would soon be littered with guardrails, drop-offs & a lake so I choose again mistakenly to soon 2 get back on the Hwy. while there was no other traffic. I was still running 50-60 MPH leading to u guessed it more overcorrecting & ultimately loosing control. I ended bouncing back & forth like a dummy about 3 times b4 God decided I wasn't catching on leading into a 180 deg. immediate turn in the Hwy. momentum caused the truck to literally slide/skid sideway off the shoulder & down a drop off but b4 I came to a stop on my top I flipped several times. I am in the business daily of Emergency Response & when I came to a stop, checked 4 my pulse lol & extricated myself from the seat; I began counting fingers & toes. I told the 911 operator & responders I was dumb founded. I was completely aware of the situation incl. the could've beens. I can still not believe how secure, strong & SAFE my Dodge had kept me. Not a sole yet that has heard the story seen the crash photo & then the shop arrival photos can believe it either. Dodge - THANK U
I dont uses it for work purposes much.... but i have drive long distances with it and has nor giving me any problems. I had drove from California all the way to Miami, Fl. Its a very good looking truck and very realiable! if you take good care of it.
this is my first dodge product an i absolutely love it!
Had a strange front end noise at 25k miles. Under warranty the struts were replaced, noise gone. Awesome truck. Hemi Power!!!!
This truck I use for towing. It is a great reliable truck.
This truck i use for drywalling and painting in the construction industry. I put these types of truck to work and I have been happy to own a dodge ram 1500. A good work truck the secret to keepin it running with excellent power and strength it gettin an oil change every 3 months even if it does not have the 3,000 miles on it just change the oil every 3 months. I love my dodge ram 1500 2007 very satisfied. great work truck and luxury vehicle.