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2008 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan (5 Reviews)
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Wouldn't not purchase another Chrysler my headliner is leaking and Dodge nor Chrysler want even reimbursement me. I hate this van and tell everyone on experience had with Chrysler. I had other problems with doors, engine, brakes, fluids and bearings. This van is a lemon I will be looking at Toyota next for the family minivan.
Bought 2008 with 39,000 at 41,000 A/C is out, not sure why. Mech says they had problem with lines. The car idles loud and rattles, then gets quieter as it warms up. Not real impressed with comfort of seats, the cushions are to thin and the hand rests are hard plastic. Cool looking, but our 2000 van was more comfortable and only develped one small leak, which was fixed. Bought for people moving and utility only.
Bought this motor in 09 with 6000 on clock. 4.0 ltr auto loaded. Red.
Like the style but not happy with the flexible plastic front. Can not understand why they put the air intake down so low to the ground. I have had to remove the first stage to avoid getting road spray in to engine. Do not try to drive thru flood water or ford unless you want to kill your engine. Lousey headroom for driver and not good for second row either. Much better in my old 89. Rides nice and great sound and vision system. Do not try to move a swivel seat unless you are well sick insured. The lack of a good rear spoiler means that the rear glass gets in a mess wet days and the wiper is too small to cope. Reverse camera works well but interupts the music.
Overall glad I have it but should have stuck with a 2006/7 and dropped a nice 3.3 crated engine in there. Would have been a lot cheeper as well.
08 Dodge Grand Caravan. Purchased at the end of 07. Many problems. Poorly built. It's been in the shop many times. We even had to write to Dodge for reimbursement b/c the repairs on a new van were so outrageous and ridiculous. It took a long time and many, many calls with long hold times. But we finally got them to pay for 1/2 the repairs. Now, it's 2010. Radiator problems. Part only dealer sold. As are most of the parts that blow. What a surprise.
rear wiper broke cannot change it need the hole unit
cost 200. 00 dollars no auto parts have it only dealler t