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Lexus RX450h
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Lexus RX450h
$39 to $99
Lexus RX450h
$52 to $95
Lexus RX450h
$613 to $853
Lexus RX450h
$27 to $64
Lexus RX450h
$417 to $615

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Found out one rear strut was leaking badly and the other had a minor leak. The rear tires had severe cupping on the inside and left tire was below the wear bars. Tread depth across face was 3/16", showing tire was only 50% worn; but, shot due to cupping. Dealer replaced struts, did minor check or adjustment of alignment under warranty.

I asked Lexus corporate for replacement of front struts and full 4 wheel alignment as goodwill gestur...

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The noise is not predictable but occurs more on light braking. It sounds like a solenoid chattering from underneath the car. Could it be the ABS modulator? Last year the dealer bled the brakes and the noise disapeared for 6 months, but now the cold weather is here it has re-appeared. Some days it...

2011 Lexus R450h

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The gas pedal can become stuck in the wide open position when trapped under an unsecured or incompatible driver's floor mat. A stuck open accelerator pedal may result in very high vehicle speed and make it difficult to stop the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will modify or replace the accelerator and replace any Lexus driver's floor mat not specified for the vehicle.

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The air conditioning does not work. We live Phoenix, AZ and it gets hot (115) but I have owned other cars that have no problem cooling off the car. This air can not cool off the car. We are hot when we are in the car. The air is set to LOW and on Full Fan, still hot. It has been has been into the dealership twice and they say they can't find the problem. When we called Lexus they told us ...

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