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Honda CRX (4 Reviews)
My 90 CRX Si has 286,000 and counting. Bought in new and it still brings major smiles all the time. It's been my everyday car to work and for fun from day one and I dunno what to say except I think Soichiro Honda made a deal with supernatural forces on behalf of the CRX because it's excellence has not diminished in the 20 plus years of driving it.

I loved my CRX more then any car I have ever driven on an extended basis. It was incredibly quick off the line, got fantastic fuel mileage, had tons of cargo space, and was relatively cheap to repair. There is a ton of aftermarket support for it as well, and it is easy a very easy car to modify and upgrade either as a show car or a serious performance car. Handling for a front wheel drive car was incredibly neutral as the few times I lost traction in a turn it was the rear end that broke loose first not the front (that is a highly unusual trait in a front drive car btw). In fact serious autocross racers will telly you that short of the Mazda Miata there are almost no other cars that can touch it on the autocross circuit if run by a skilled driver. Negatives for the car include seating and a ride that are not comfortable for long periods of free way driving, typical (for the time period) reliability issues in the alternator/distributor ignition system, and a tendency to warp it's brake rotors (even with upgraded slotted or crossed drilled rotors this was a problem in my experience). If I hadn't needed a car with more then two seats, and I didn't have over 215,000 on the odometer this would still be my choice as a daily driver.
I've bought a 1991 CRX SI at 176,000 miles. The piston rings were shot and causing oil leaks and would cause the car to burn through oil. I rebuilt the engine and corrected the problem. This is an easy car to repair. I consistantly get 37-38 MPG out of the car. Need to repair some rust in the rear quarter pannels. I need to finish rebuilding the car - is very reliable, cheap and fun to drive.
well i driven the 1991 CR-X body type i new it had an FF
(front engine Front wheel drive ) handling not that good it does has a lot of electrical problems as far as i know