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Everyone always knocking Dodge cars and trucks. I'm a total and loyal Dodge Mopar buyer,driver and fan! I have never had any major problems with anything I've owned! Except the paint issues! But I take care of my vehicles! Service them when needed! I've owned many in my 50 years. And I have a 2000 intrepid now with 247000 miles and the only thing I've replaced is battery,shocks and wipers! And tires and brakes! Great car! I love it! And it has the 2.7 in it. But was made in Canada. Bought it new. Oh and I've recharged the air conditioning. I also have a 97 Dodge RAM four by four with a 360 in it . Bought it three years ago.only thing I've done to it is brakes,radiator, and tires! Never had tranny problems with any Dodge product to be honest! You have to service them when needed! I have two sons,one a Ford driver and one a Chevy fan. They seem to have alot more problems than I've ever had! But in end....Intrepid is an awesome car! Looks,drives,runs,and performs great for me!!! Dodge till I die!
I have the option of buying a Dodge Intrepid or a Jeep Grand Charokee, both cars are 2003 and they both are used, Im not sure of which one is more reliable...please help me decide.
Got my 98 Intrepid in 2003,it was a one owner with 23,000 miles on it. I now have over 170,000 miles on it and plan on keeping it for awhile. The biggest problem I had with it was the computer went out on it. The garage had it for over a month trying to figure out what was wrong with it, because it never acted up for them. It would have cost me over $2,000 to get it fixed, but I paid for the computer that cost me $748.00 and Dodge picked up the rest of the amount. I keep the oil changed every 3,000 miles and keep the air filter changed. It is a 3.2 engine. I had to replace 8 tube lines and that was over $500.00. I like the way it drives and handles.
I purchased the car for $5K in 2000 - it's a 1999 - ran great until a routine oil change turned out to be a case where I believe the dealer did not put the oil back in as the engine burned-up and there were no oil leaks just no oil in it and I was always prompt in changing the oil at the dealership. This dealership did Fords and others as well. I knew I couldn't prove it in court - and this was in 2007 so I bought a new engine from Michigan for $1,995 pd $1,000 to have it put in and although I still have the car and love the car - this engine over heats and I use it as a 2nd car now can only go 20 miles or so & it over heats but it's very comfortable and it didn't have any other major problems - after I had the engine replaced -hard to give her up as it is such a nice car other than having the engine replaced. I took the car back for a new Dodge emblem on the front and left it for the afternoon while I was at work and then the next oil change I took it to an oil change place and they told me that they could not replace the belt or even check it because the entire air conditioning unit had been removed! Well, the only place it had been was to the dealership - so I never went back to that dealership and now I am driving around in California with my Dodge Intrepid and maybe some day I'll just fix her up again. She is a great 2nd car. My advice is that you beware of dealerships especially when your car gets to be 5+ years of age - I think they will do whatever is necessary to try and sell you another car. Hope this helps. In 1999 I also bought my daughter a 1997 Dodge Intrepid and she is still driving it today and it's 10/09/2011 and she loves her car. Only minor repairs on that car but she never took her car to the dealership - she did oil changes on time with oil change places and then checked the oil to make sure she had received oil - after my ordeal.
2 things. i drove about 4 miles and when i stopped the coolant in the resevior was boiling. i did not observe any leaks. anywhere. i reseated the cap and drove home and it did not boil when i stopped.
i then noticed water leaking from a rubber hose that was attached to a grommet? to teh floorboard on the passenger side. i felt the carpet and it wasnt wet. the heat worked fine as does the airconditioning. this is the first time ive observed this and also what is that hose and grommet for anyway??

thanks for your help
I have had my car for a lil over a year now I bought it with 82,000 miles on Nice roomy car Love it at first...since I have had it replaced the transmisson block in which I was driving one day and my car would not shift gears I had to pull over and shut the car off and start it back up and then it would shift Cost 850.00 then 6 months later driving down the road and all of sudden the car reduces speed on cruise control and began shaking pulled over car stalled steam came from engin with out warning no check enigin light nothing now I have to replace the heads and the cost of that is 1000.00 this car has gave me more problems in the year i have had it than anytoher car I have owned I would not buy another on even if it was given to me!!!
my 2000 dodge is awsom best car i ever had
Awesome car, when it's equipped with the 3.5 L engine....I've got 340,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong. Nearly maintenance free, and still rides like a dream. The set up on this car is fantastic - it is so well balanced that tires last well past their expected treadwear. The set I've got on there now have nearly 130,000 miles on them.
I bought a 93 intrepid for $700, it had a broken hub and bearing assembly. The car came the new part I just had to do the work. An hour later I was rolling. I have replaced the radiator, water pump, starter, front brakes, inner tie rod bushings and a battery. Of course tune up and oil changes. It has a bad heater core so previous owners by passed it and the ac needs an occasionaly recharge. I've had two fluid leaks, 1 was trans fluid it was from a loose hose clamp on the radiator(found that out when I replaced the radiator) 2 leaking oil from valve cover gaskets, not a major issue it just requires removal of the plenum. I bought this car two years ago at 96,000 miles. I just cleared 120,000. Granted I put some money into it but this is by far the most reliable car i have ever owned. Great gas mileage, alot of room, comfortable ride. love it!!!
I agree with the person from Columbus GA, I have had too many problems with this car. I purchased it a 1 1/2 years ago with the mileage at 81,000. Within this time frame, I have had to replace the battery,brakes, coolant compartment(which I was told was worn out causing coolant to spill all over the engine) and currently, the water pump broke at 106,000 miles. My machanic says the cost will be $700 because of where the water pump is stored in the car. This is one of the worst cars I have seen. Now I now why Dodge isn't making this model anymore.
it sucks. period. roomy car, lots of space, but absolutely horrific experience. bought it used at 96000 miles. ive had it for 2 1/2 years now. have had to replace engine, transmission, brakes (3x), battery (which was brand new) had to replace a.c. fan, radiator, window pane, and too many other things to remember. HORRIBLE.
I was a great car for many years....that is until the engine just dies while you drive. Then after a little while, it will start again. After having everything looked at and preventive replacements, still have the problem. 2 yrs. later and if I drive it, it will die while going or just not start after parking it. The mechanic I've had for 15 yrs. says there is NOTHING, after having it another 3 weeks, he can do until it triggers the computer or shows something that can be identified... Yet, I got the same comments from a Dodge dealer...they have NO IDEA what is causing it, but they have heard these comments before from many Intrepid owners. So beware.
02 Dodge Intrepid LE 2.7L V6 DOHC
Easy to install/ un-install audio equipment.
Crappy engine assembly, very hard to get to stuff.
Stuff keeps breaking. Id say sell it fixed before your stuck with it wiht blown heads.
i bought my 94 intrepid for $800 and ive spent round $1600 on repairs (outer/ inner tie rods, drivers side head gasket, and a starter and its still a beast . Three years later its still runnin and i absolutely love the handling on it
I love the car (red). Nice handling,interior, exterior are good, big trunk, but the transmission acts funny but never stalled, car seems to waddle a little especially when cold outside,fine when it warms up, has some leaks but don't know where fron exactly, had too many opinions, all looking for lots of $$$ to fix. Already had in several shops, had oil sending unit replaced, other things supposed to have been fixed, but still leaks????,doesn't smoke at all, oil only a little low sometimes.
Overall a great car with sporty handling despite of the size. Have had some issues with the wiper function and the power windows. It would have been a great plus if the ride were more quiet.
We have a 2000 Dodge intreid 190257 miles on it Don't burn oil air conditioner fixed twice,out side of that great car 28-30 miles per gal.I use Valoline Max-Life oil change every 3000 miles.
Best car i ever owned!!!! 175,000 still runing strong
I bought a 2000 Dodge Intrepid in January of 2010 from our local junk yard, yes that is right a junk yard! I paid 1000.00 for it and have not had any major problems at all. The most important thing to remember when buying an older car is maintenance especially regular oil changes. The dodge intrepid is notorious for using oil so be sure to do at least that. I have been pleased with the purchase of this car although it had major front and rear damage it was an easy fix and runs and handles as though it was never damaged. Use to buy nothing but chevy but after purchasing our first dodge I am hooked. Who says good things cannot be purchased from the junk yard!
My Dodge inrepid is a 1997 i love it because i have 2 small children and the car is very roomy compared to the new modeled cars. i have been having problems with my check engine light it will not go off and we have replaced censors and lights and spark plugs and still can not get it to go off i even replaced the computer in it. if anyone has any clues to what i should do please respond to my post.
The engine has been steady and strong. Brakes have had some repairs. The transmission sensor was replaced twice. My main concern has been the a/c. The blower resistor has had to be replaced.
My second Intreped and both were great cars. This one is a 1997 with 245,000 as of right now. Oil leak at 175,000, outside of that it's been a very good car. 3.3L that gets 27 MPG at 75-85 MPH going to Florida.
2003 sxt great car other then having 150.000 miles still runs great only problems is the struts need replaced witch is hard on the breaks that now also need replaced and the rims cause the tires to leak air but other then that for the miles great car
I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. The car is very comfortable. Regular maintanence is important with a car like this and the only time I have problems is when I am being lazy with the maintanence. This car burns oil so I always find that if I make sure I check the oil every time I get gas it keeps it running good. Great car. Big but very comfortable and lots of storage space.
i have 177k on my 2001 dodge intrepid 2.7 liter. no oil sluge just problems with struts, steering and noises like rattling at 1200 rpm from exhaust and popping/clucking noises when braking or steering or any kind of bump
2002 Model... bought with only 9 miles on it. I love this car still - so comfortable. I now have a gharger also - I must say that the Intrepid is a lot more comfortable especially on long drives. at 40k miles the window motors also had to be replaced and I am not sure the dealership really did it.. because the windows just do not work correctly (slow/weak). I took it back and they litterally sprayed WD40 down the window track>>?? only has 74,000 miles on it now at 50,000 miles it started doing weird transmition things like... the lights for the gear would all light up - you have to turn the car off to get only one back on. I still like this car though.
My second Intrepid. Sorry they discontinued the model.
I bought this '98 Intrepid brand new off the showroom floor. Absolutely loved the look and feel of the car.
In the first 40k miles replaced the drivers side window motor 4 times and the passenger side once. After warranty expired(as it normally happens) the dashboard computer had to be replaced. at 75k miles the timing belt had to be replaced. In addition both fans have been replaced as well as numerous other odds and ends. This car currently has 190k miles and the air conditioner coil is out, the car leaks and burns oil like a freaking jennie oil lamp. Of course it has the famous oil sludge like most other intrepids, but the fun part... the clear coat has now flaked off so I have a two tone car. The clear coat is gone and the paint faded on the the hood, trunk and top of the car. I still love the way it drives and have always loved the look of the car, but damn you have to put some $$$ in these babies. One problem after another.
Did I mention all the dash and radio lights blink uncontrollably and noone can tell me why? This has been going on for years... I own the pyscho oil sucking two tone Dodge special!!!
My daughter bought this 2000 Chrysler Intrepid, Yes Its not a Dodge this one was built in Canada go figure ..2.7 engine ,72,000 miles car looks great and very nice looking interior . Car has been nothing but problems.Noise in front end,brakes ,engine using oil and do not know were it is shakes and stales out .