2002 Dodge Stratus Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Dodge Stratus

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2002 Dodge Stratus
$389 to $1,188
2002 Dodge Stratus
$263 to $700
2002 Dodge Stratus
$617 to $1,123
2002 Dodge Stratus
$750 to $1,763
2002 Dodge Stratus
$253 to $791

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A plugged AC evaporator drain tube can cause a water leak inside the car; usually near the front passenger's feet.

Spark plug tube seals fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

When a no start condition is caused by a faulty camshaft or crankshaft sensor, related fault codes stored in the powertrain control module (PCM) should not be trusted. Our technicians tell us that under certain conditions a fault code can be stored for the "good" sensor. Care should be taken to properly diagnose this condition.

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Where is the ads relay on these cars.any ideals

I have had nothing but problems since this occurred, also my radio quit working and my ac started flashing...

- no lines broken
-slow leak
-starts after car has been running
-oil light resolves when accelerated but comes back up when idle.
-I believe its the oil pan gasket but i believe its comeing from the top near the headers as well.
*suggestions ?

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The passenger side sun visor may detach if an accident occurs with it in the down position, and the passenger front air bag is deployed, striking it. Dealers will install a tether strap to retain the visor free of charge to resolve the concern.

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My 2002 stratus is great, but lately as I'm driving it loses power, my RPM needle goes down and then the engine shuts off, it's not the fuel pump, so sometimes this happens not very often.

I love my 02 Dodge Stratus. It has alot of miles but it keeps on going. At least, it did until today. The left front steering knuckle and lower tie rod completely separated. I have looked on the internet and have found recalls for just this problem. How can I verify the recall notices and if I can't get verification of recall notices, how much will it cost me for repairs?

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