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2002 BMW Z8

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2002 BMW Z8 Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

If the vehicle hits a
pothole, distortion to the front shock towers can occur. The problem may be attributed to the run-flat tires. BMW has
released a performance package upgrade for the front suspension, which
includes a steel strut brace, steel strut mounts, and steel
reinforcement plates for the top of the strut towers. This will help
prevent damage to the frame.

2002 BMW Z8 Questions and Answers

furiosofarm, 2002 BMW Z8, Temecula, CA

the clutch pedal has play in it and I cant get car in gear without shutting the engine. I did get it to shift when I finally got it to shift with engine off.

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2002 BMW Z8 Reviews

Tremendous style, Great interior, good handling, difficult to get worked on unless you go to a agency.

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