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Cadillac SRX (27 Reviews)
Leased 2016 Cadillac SRX on April 9 th 2016. On April 11 th, 2016, with 517 miles, there was a major mechanical transmission failure. Third , fifth and reverse went out. The dealership in California rebuilt the transmission, but it failed a second time. Imagine making your first car payment while your car is in the shop getting repaired! Or paying for registration while you are driving a loaner vehicle(?) We asked the dealership and GM for a buyback, but they denied our request. We wonder what happened to GMs' Committment to Excellence(?). Guess their new mantra, Dare Greatly, is probably more suitable. Bottom line is, Caveat Emptor.
We two 2010 SRXs. One had major AC problems at 10K that took 5 visits to the dealer to fix. I also had to have all the wheel bearings replaced at 65K. The other SRX had the same bearing problem and now the head lights don't work, we think because of moisture. We have the extended warranties on both and now the dealer is saying the head lights are not included. And it isn't just the bulbs. It is a housing issue. I'll never buy another.
the below review is right on the money when it rains...i have the same problem..there is moisture in both of my headlights on the plastic part of the lights. water has somehow soaked into the the carpet of the passenger side only and it was a heavy rain day. i have no problem with the shift thank goodness.
we cannot seem to keep front lights (driving and turn signal) from blowing on a regular basis. a pain to change and disassemble the front bumper for repair. Amazingly horrible design.
This is a good riding car but has major flaws,after about 75000 miles you start having exspensive problems such as sun roof quits working and even after so called repaired at $4500 still only works part of the time,electric gas &brake pedal adjuster gose out,back door leaks water have to have new seals put in as well as tail lights go out this all under 85000 miles to include motor flaws . Major motor flaw is the 6 cylinder motor loosing oil to air filter as much as 2 quatr's every 2 weeks only way to fix rebuild motor or replace.Car has a lot of electricle problems that can run you into thousands of dollars.Would not recommend this suv to any one unless all motor and electricle problems have been fixed and even then still would not due to constant problems Would not buy again if had to do over and Cadillac no help with repairs but they know how to fix them just wont help!! very disappointed with this 06 srx
After 30 years of owning nothing but Toyota, Lexus, and Honda and spending $0.00 is repairs (other than batteries and tires), I finally decided to try the "New General Motors."

Guess what? It is the same as the old GM.

- If you load the car with four adults and luggage, the torque converter groans.
- My $200 battery developed an open cell in nine months.
- Small corners on the interior fixtures don't align well and have been forced together.
- Even though we drive in Economy Mode 100% of the time, the best mileage we can get on the road (driving the speed limit or less) is 20.1 (my 1998 Lexus gets 23.5 and is maintenance free).
- The fine print in the "bumper to bumper warranty exempts many things that are likely to fail. (The dealer contacted me to buy an overlay warranty 30 days after he sold the the car with the pitch that it was a great warranty.)

I do like the computer software and dash displays and the heating and cooling work well. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted to fit most people.

Overall, this is still the same junky construction that put Detroit out of business during the recession.

If you are looking for a quality built car that is unlikely to break down, don't look at Cadillac.
I love my Caddy SRX 2010 and will buy another one in the future. I went on this website to find answer to replacing E Vap Vent Valve which I have been advised to do because computer shows it is needed. Will not pass emission test without fixing the problem. A/C compressor also needed attention under warrenty in 2013. This car handles like a sports car and in turns is great. Hugs the road. P.S. The automatic lift on one side had to be attended as hatch would not lift. Will still buy another.
Power Steering has a vibration that you can feel in the steering wheel when you stop at a red light,stop sign,etc. Dealer states that its an inherent problem and you'll have to get used to it.
I love my Cadillac for so many reasons, but I am also very disappointed at a few details as well. For one, I love the interior and the drivebility of the vehicle (handling and ride). I came from a much smaller Lexus ES, which was smaller! But much quicker and quieter. I am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the American made engine... honestly, the engine sucks. Just plain loud and slow on the launch. Though, fairly quick on the stretch and very good torch. I really liked the look of this vehicle and needed a third row seat. Having 5 children, I really almost had no choice and took the plunge. I have the SRX4 in Candy Red, so it looks really nice! The front ground kit and 19' alloy wheels give it that aggressive look. I get lots of compliments surprisingly, from this almost Wagon/SUV like vehicle. The Xenon headlamps look really cool and give this car an expensive look. My kids absolutely love the full sliding sun roof and oddly, the mini 3rd row seat. Cause it literally only seats little people... The "BOSE" stereo in this car must have been swapped with the stereo system off of a Hyundai Accent or a Yugo, if you remember those!(no pun intended). Cause the sound that comes out of my speakers sound as lame as my daughter's shitty iPod headphones. Then, the car has touch Navigation, Rear Sensors, power everything! but no Bluetooth? Explain that one! Other than that, this car is a keeper, for now. Hope this helps a bit.
This is the worst car I have ever owned! The first year it was actually (not an exaggeration) in the shop more than not. Since then it has been in the shop on average six times a year. The latest is that the key won't come out of the ignition when the car is off. Now it is costing me another thousand dollars to replace the shifter. I have spent at least ten thousand dollars on fixing this car already over the past few years. I would never recommend a Cadillac to anyone after the last eight years of this hell.
Sunroof is stuck closed. Leaks when it rains. Passenger seat heater failed. Front signal lights burned out, hard to replace.
Power steering system failed. Leaks oil into the oilpan.
Like the car. Comfortable on long drives. Exhaust and suspention need work and im just at 100,000 miles.
I've had none of the problems noted in previous reviews. Everything is fine with my SRX except the Michelin tires, they dry roted with 48,000 miles......
Winding comming from rear give it the gas it gets louder
Leaks water when it rains. Will not shift into park correctly.
seat heater failed,molding fell off,water leaks roof drains, head lights,leaks, head lights out one side.battery bad,
Can't say its the best car I've ever had because I've had my Jeep Wrangler for 18 years now and want to be buried in it when I go. But, this Cadillac is the sweetest vehicle, I feel rich, safe, and happy when driving this living room down the highway.

I think my parents got jealous of my luxury car and they went through a Lexus, and BMW, and neither really compared to the comfort, power, and elegance of this car.
I love my Cadillac SRX AWD, Northstar. I see a lot of bad reviews, but I couldn't be happier with this car. It is the perfect blend of size, performance, and utility without getting horrible fuel economy. Lots of power, the Northstar is still an engineering marvel, despite its age, and Gov't Motors stupid decision to discontinue using it.
Door water leak,cowling water leak,windshield water leak. In shop for repairs twice for over 30 days
One problem after another from interior knobs breaking off to turnsignals out constantly and very very difficult to access to replace. to the moonview roof disconnenting when opening or closing. Never another GM in my driveway. This was the last.
Bought this car at 45K mi. and now have 65K - not a single problem except for turn signal/daylight running light replacement! It was important for us to find a 1-owner SRX and not a LEASE car! Couldn't ask for a more dependable, great looking, and comfortable ride with great utility! Our only complaint is not enough TOW POWER! We'll buy another pre-2010 model in the future!
Electrical issue has caused front blinker and running lights to go out 2 times in less than a year and half. The stability system engaged message is flashing up, alot and both rear windows stopped working within a month of our purchase of the car. I will never buy another Caddy!
Air conditioning on left side stops working after about 10 minutes. Cadillac engineering is working on the problem. This is pretty bad for a Caddy
The interior of the car was awful. Within one year my car was in the shop more times for cosmetic repairs than any car I've ever owned. The car repairs are overly priced. The only good thing about the car was it's ability ti get up and go. I now drive a Chevy Malibu XLT with all the bells and whitles that my SRX did not have. My car payment is cheaper, my insurance is cheaper, repairs are cheaper and just an all around much better ride for the money.
1 of the best cars I have every owned, this being my 3rd caddy and the best of them all. Cant wait to drive a 2010
The front turn signal lamp replacement is a disaster . this is my last GM product ever.
Best car I've ever had.