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Buying a new car is stressful—Can you afford it? Is it the right car to buy? Are you getting the best price you can? Should you go for the upgrades? How much will maintenance be? It stresses me out to even buy a plane ticket, so the thought of purchasing a new car makes my stomach hurt.

Back in the late 1990s, my best friend bought a new Honda Civic. It was a huge decision, especially considering we were right out of college. But she needed a car and Hondas are always reliable, right?

Yesterday, my partner’s sister came over with her daughter, who was born a few weeks ago. While they talked, I was watching Isabel, who was sleeping in her car seat. Of course, within five seconds of being under my care, she woke up and started to cry, so I thought picking her up and comforting her would be a good idea. I unbuckled the little seat belt, pulled the straps to the side, and reached in.

And then I stopped.

For car owners, one of the biggest fears is that we will lock our keys inside our vehicle—in the middle of a desert, with no cell phone, no water, and a child or cute little puppy in the back seat. While a lockout can happen (though probably not in the middle of the desert with a cute puppy), there are things you can do to quickly and safely resolve the situation.

Prevent a Lockout in the First Place

I’ve been driving on a spare ever since I retrieved my stolen van from a dilapidated tow yard months ago. The thieves apparently got a flat, put on the spare in the van, and didn’t have the decency to replace the flattened tire. Though my father taught me how to change a tire, that lesson was fifteen years ago. I did a little research and found five easy steps to get the job done. Just in case you get a flat (or run across some thieves as inconsiderate as mine), here’s what to do.

Make sure you have a spare.

Have you been looking to upgrade your vehicle, but the current financial mess has you a little hesitant? Well, Kevin Purdy over at Lifehacker.com has put together a list of ten of their favorite tips to getting more out of your driving and ownership experience. Most of the DIY improvements are inexpensive and simple, so anyone can benefit from this helpful information.

If you could experience the scarce parking in our area, you would appreciate #8 as much as I do! The tips for finding your parked vehicle are quite handy! And along the same topic, here is an iPhone App called G-Park that will help direct you to your parked car.