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Gas prices? The future of hybrids? Find out what's in the news today!

Whether drivers are looking to save the environment, or maybe just save a buck on gas money, hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among modern-day motorists. However, just because you might be saving money at the pump doesn't mean you should ignore the other costs of ownership when it comes to hybrid cars.

Have you ever wished you could predict the true cost of owning a car before making the final investment? Or maybe you’re just curious if your spouse’s claim that the family station wagon is a money pit is valid? RepairPal’s newest tool gives consumers a way to compare vehicles based on a calculated “score” for the car in question.

Gas prices wax and wane, but it’s a major expense for anyone whose primary mode of transportation is a car. Whether you own your car outright, you’re paying for it in installments, or you’re leasing it, gas will be one of your most critical monthly expenses. It’s also a prime area of your monthly budget where you can make some changes and save some extra dough.

Consumer loyalty is dying in the highly saturated markets of 2016, but pickup truck drivers, the quintessential American motorists, remain loyal their selected brands. RepairPal’s extensive car repair index consists of repair data submitted by shops in our certified network. This index allows us to compare the average cost of ownership for one year amongst different truck makes. Take a look and see if loyalty to your brand is costing you.

Many vehicle owners are unaware that they should be replacing the timing belt in their vehicle. In many vehicles, timing belts are considered maintenance repairs just like tune-ups, brakes, and oil changes. Some vehicles are equipped with timing chains instead of belts.

Thanks to our loyal users, RepairPal has been voted the “Best App or Mobile Website for Finding Car Repair Information, Prices, and Quotes” in Auto Connected Car’s Tech CARS Awards.

Knowing how to check your tire pressure is an important part of vehicle ownership. Maintaining your tires' air pressure will provide you with a smoother ride and even help lower your vehicle's gas usage. Here's how to check your tire pressure and add air if you find that it is needed.

Many people are stumped when their car begins to make a strange noise or simply won’t start. They may end up immediately turning to a search engine, or going straight to a mechanic for help. Sometimes this experience ends in satisfaction; however, all too often, it can be a stressful encounter...

Snow. There might be no other four-letter word a driver wants to hear less. But if you live in a region that regularly gets inundated with the powdery white stuff, then you know you can't just wait for it to go away. You still have to go to work, hit the gym, and continue living your life. Fortunately, though, all snow driving takes is experience and the right preparation.

Alright, so maybe you haven't been glued to our Twitter account all month long while we gave out great #WinterReady tips for your tires. No need to beat yourself up – we've compiled the list to make it as simple as possible to stay safe on the roads.