Hyundai Scoupe Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Hyundai Scoupe

Hyundai Scoupe Problems

Automatic transmission slipping or loss of forth gear

Slipping of the automatic transmission and/or loss of forth gear may be caused by failure of the end clutch. Replacement of the failed clutch will be necessary to correct this issue.

Water leaking into trunk

Water leaking into the trunk may be caused by incomplete sealing in the wheel wells. Any body seams inside the trunk should be inspected and sealed as necessary if water is found inside the trunk.

Hard starting due to cracked in-tank fuel line

A hard starting issue may be a result of loss of fuel pressure due to a cracked in-tank fuel line. Our technicians recommend to carefully check the in-tank fuel line if the fuel system will not hold pressure after the ignition is turned off.

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Hyundai Scoupe Questions

how do i time it (1 answer)

my hyundai is out of timing, how do i properly line it back up so its in time

timing belt (1 answer)

before top centre or after to dead centre

fuel pump will not run and will not fire (1 answer)

fuel pump will not run but i can make it come on by pressing relay on by hand and when motor turns over will not fire

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