2013 Nissan JUKE Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2013 Nissan JUKE

Repair Estimates

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2013 Nissan JUKE
$232 to $608
2013 Nissan JUKE
$165 to $254
2013 Nissan JUKE
$273 to $474
2013 Nissan JUKE
$27 to $60
2013 Nissan JUKE
$49 to $94

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my low milage(7387mi), well maintained 2013 Nissan Juke S burst into flames after having been parked in our driveway for more than 30 hours. There was no evidence of arson or lightening. When I had parked it there was on fuel smell and I had already had the fuel injector sensor repaired by the dealership according to the recall. That happened on May 21st of 2015. Today I received a one page letter from Nissan-USA that "A Nissan Technical Speci...

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My Juke had 7387 miles on the odometer and had been parked in my driveway for more than a day and a half. At 12:40 am it burst into flames. Fortunately an alert neighbor smelled smoke, called the Fire Dept who came promptly and in force. Luckily the damage was only to property rather than people ...

It was on ALL winter last year. Cold weather just made it come on again, it's been on for days! So annoying.
Please help.

I have the seat heat switch on and the heat temp fluctuates up and down for no reason. Is this normal?

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The engine start/stop button may stick inside its housing, causing it to shut the engine off while driving unexpectedly. Dealers will modify the switch housing free of charge to resolve the concern.

The fuel pressure sensor may not have been sufficiently tightened during vehicle production. As a result, the fuel pressure sensor may loosen over time resulting in a fuel leak. Any fuel leak increases the risk of a fire. Nissan / Infiniti dealers will replace the fuel pressure sensor as necessary to correct this concern.

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I love my "Juke". I have not had one ounce of trouble with it. BUT……saying that it has a smell. I may drive it a hour and shut it off to go into the store and it has an AWFUL smell when returning. I have had it checked out and sprayed BUT it doesn't help. This does not do it all the time just when you least expect it.

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