2006 Lexus SC430 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2006 Lexus SC430

2006 Lexus SC430 Problems

Volume Control Problems With Premiun Stereo System

Vehicles equipped with premium Mark Levinson stereo may experience no sound or volume that goes to maximum level by itself. An improved amplifier is available to rectify this problem.

Creaking Type Noise From Front Suspension

A creaking type noise may develop from the front suspension when driving over uneven road surfaces. Our technicians recommend inspection of the front sway bar bushings for deterioration and related hardware for correct tightness.

Squeak Type Noise from One of Both Front Seats

A squeak type noise may be noted from one or both front seats. Squeaks can be caused by contact between the seat track locating pins and the vehicle floor pan. Our technicians tell us the repair involves removing some of the seat locating pins.

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2006 Lexus SC430 Questions

Battery dies often due to computer draining power when off. Any recode? (1 answer)

If we don't run the car at least once a week, it dies. Am told it is because the engine computer is always on, draining the battery. This has been happening for years and we have replaced the battery several times. Is there a way to change the software to reduce the drain on the battery? We d...

headlight and headlight washer coming on at same time. (1 answer)

either set auto or turn on headlight the headlight washer will spray water . Please help.

When does one change the timing belt? (1 answer)

I just purchased a 2006 Lexus SC-430 With approx.40,000 miles on it. Do I change the belt according to age or mileage? Anything else that I should do?

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2006 Lexus SC430 Recalls

Front Passenger Air Bag Defect

When deployed due to a crash, the passenger side air bag can deploy abnormally, or with excessive force. The inflator may come apart, causing debris and fragments to strike and injure occupants. The dealership will replace the passenger air bag assembly free of charge to resolve the concern.

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2006 Lexus SC430 Reviews

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On my 4th windshield. What gives? Three were stress cracks.

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