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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1998 BMW 750iL

1998 BMW 750iL

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1998 BMW 750iL Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front thrust rod bushings—also referred to as tension strut bushings—are known to fail occasionally. The oil-filled rubber mounts weaken and crack over time, causing a mushy road feel and shuddering in the steering wheel when going over bumps.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

A fluid leak may develop from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The rear lower ball joints may wear causing alignment and tire wear issues as a result of the excessive play in these joints. Our technicians tell us a 4wheel alignment should be performed after ball joint replacement.

1998 BMW 750iL Questions and Answers

Steevo_2000, 1998 BMW 750iL, Sacramento, CA

I just looked at a 98 750 w/ 100k miles on it. The guy wants 9500 for it. He states he "preventatively" replaced fuel lines, radiator hoses, and many other items which is great. But wh...

Visitor, 1998 BMW 750iL, Saint Louis, MO

this car has 2 fuel pumps and I took the fuel line off the fuel filter (before the filter) cranked the engine and no fuel come out of the line. I have checked the fuses to the pump and they are ok...

jokaz, 1998 BMW 750iL, Bridgewater, MA

how do I change the low beam lamp?

Visitor, 1998 BMW 750iL, Saint Louis, MO

When engine idling occasionally there is a noise that sounds like a belt slipping but have replaced tensioner and both belts. Could it be a pump?

Visitor, 1998 BMW 750iL, Amarillo, TX

the switch that changes it from manual to automatic shifting for transmission seems to be out. It doesnt want to go into first but then shifts but even at that you can only push gas pedal you cant...

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1998 BMW 750iL Reviews

I am looking for help, maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with my suspension as it rides rough in the back. I have depressed the sport key but I feel no difference in the ride. I would like to fix it myself as you all know how expensive repairs are on this car.

Other than poor gas mileage frequent repairs and high maintenance cost I truly like this car and would like to retain it as it only has 104000 miles. Can anyone help me?


I owned this car for 9 years. Powerful, roomy and great to drive. Check engine light was always on from emissions. Electrical started to fail after 150K miles-- GPS stopped working, radio would regularly cutoff, interior turn signals would not work but exterior still worked fine. Loved the car but repairs were pricey, especially when parts were shipped from Germany.

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