2007 Lincoln Town Car Reviews

2007 Lincoln Town Car Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Lincoln Town Car (1 Review)
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My AC was not working properly. It sounded like it was blowing real hard, and nothing would come out of the vents.... even when you switched from "auto" to upper vents, it would not come out. I took it in to be checked while it was still under warrenty and the Ford dealer said they could not get it to malfunction. I mentioned it again when I had the car serviced and again was told that the computer showed "no malfunction". Now, the weather has turned very cold and the heater does not work properly. It blows cold air on your feet regardless of the temperature setting. The vents for the backseat area blow very cold air, too. My vehicle has 66,000 miles now and I think that is out of warrenty. I live on a modest retirement income and social security and cannot afford a big repair bill. I know if they had checked further when I took it in before, this would not be a concern. Now, I'm thinking about buying a GM car instead.