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2005 Lincoln Town Car Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Lincoln Town Car (4 Reviews)
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Had a '95 that ran up to 489,000 miles before a chronic problem with the "blend door" (?) makes the A/C useless. So I sold it. Now I miss it; especially the adjustable power steering switch and the nice riding rear air suspension. Sure, I changed the Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1 Oil Filter every 10,000 miles whether it needed it or not. A K & N Air filter and a light right foot helped me get 34 mpg on the highway with the air off and 29 with it on. Now I have a 2005 and want to know about the Lemon Law in FLA. Front Suspension in the shop three times in one year, A/C blows hot on a hot day, replacing the plugs isn't as easy as it was in the '95 by any means (there's a boot and a wire and the plug and all eight are over $460). Additionally, the rear suspension feels real tight and I was interested to read the input from Aug 2013 from the fellow who put in Gabriel shocks from a '84-'85 Regal (?) to soften the ride. I just put in a new Alternator and both power lumbar switches have failed on the front seats. The button to open the door armrest storage compartment has popped off and the springs flew off too. I have had more than one replacement headlight assy as they seem to fill up with condensation easily and you have to go get another from Ford for $564 each. The cruise control only switches on if you press down on the button several times first. The CD Player skips on brand spankin new CD's, The power door lock buttons don't come all the way up on the rear doors, but if I were in an accident, there is no other vehicle on the road (except the International CXT) that I'd rather be in. Here's the kicker, just came from the shop and have been informed that the rear axle and bearings are loosening, scoring, or coming apart (?) and will cost over $1500 to rectify. Who knows, maybe I can find a used CXT......
this car is still driving with 185609 miles only regular minus repair like replacement light brakes sensor i drive 3 times a year to vT AND 1 TIMES WENT TO CANADA WHEN THE CAR HAD ABOUT 170000 MILES SO I BAY IT WITH 37522 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION I PLAN TO GO BACK TO CANADA EASY
AC check code 12 42 A C blows hot air, anyone have this problem? How do you perform a leak check and electrical check??
50,000 miles car has given good service. No problems other than replace heater fan motor.