1999 Lincoln Town Car Reviews

1999 Lincoln Town Car Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Lincoln Town Car (4 Reviews)
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I really love my 1999 signature series Lincoln Town Car 5 years I have had this one this is my third one I spent $3,800 total I plan on running this for a few more years and then I will look for a signature L maybe in 2011 because not making them anymore truthfully I cannot see myself not having a town car in my life I recommend before getting one do your homework and check your car faxes make sure it's from a reputable company they will last highway miles a great in my city it's fair would like a little better but I use it when I need to use it's Hollywood white and is really pretty car awesome right I have it set up baby limousine styleI wish I could post a picture
I love my 1999 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series. It has 92,000 miles and I only have two problems; leaking on passenger side (simple gasket fix - video online) and my heater core just went out (have video on how to repair without removal of dash).
I bought this car used.Now has 185,000 miles. Runs good but very poor gas mileage at 10.1 city, 22-23 hwy. I hear of people getting better city buy no one seems to have an answer how to boost my city mileage. Any answer out there I would appreciate. I am 78 years old and lot of city driving shopping and Doctor appoinments. ANY ONE HELP !!! Its a 1999 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series.
Very reliable car get the signiture or designer series.