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Owners' Reviews

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
11 Reviews
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Overall Score (11 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner Reviews (11 reviews)
  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Rialto, CA, September 20, 2012 17:07
    i recently bought a 2002 jeep limited cheerokee, with 120,000 miles i love this car, the passangers window went out and the radiator blew but it was cheap,not compared to my vw beetle, never buy a vw....i love my jeep i had one in the past a 93 she was an awesome 4x4 red jeep all high milege cars need maintance and repair jeep is cheap parts. i would recomend this suv.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Shila, Placerville, CA, February 28, 2012 10:34
    02 Grand - last couple of months i will start the Grand and it will run rough, pull over shut it down and restart and it runs good, after a few miles the engine light goes off and no problems for a while, this had happened 3 times in the last 5 months. i think when i jump in and hit the starter real fast instead of turning on the key and then hit the starter this happens ,butt this should not happen no matter what. any ideas?
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Orlando, FL, January 26, 2011 09:55
    I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited with 110k miles. Purchased in June 2001. A nightmare from the beginning. I have replaced all four window regulators and two of them twice, all brake rotors and calipers, the transmission, blend doors on heater/ac twice, re-circ door on heater/ac twice, and the exhaust manifold, the radiator and the water pump. The car cost about 30K and by now has accumulated more than $15K in repairs. The seat heaters have gone out and a multitude of many other issues have arisen. Many repairs were done under warranty; however, this repair history is unacceptable. This is the second Jeep I have owned, but Chrysler has lost me, my family, friends, and anyone who will listen, as customers forever. If you are considering a Grand Cherokee, be sure you can grab your ankles.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Mc Dowell, KY, January 25, 2011 19:49
    I bought my Jeep May 2002, it has 121,000 miles. There have been some repairs the last one was front hub/bearing assembly for both wheels. It had been bad for some time now its just like new. The sound is very quiet and steers true with no loud noises when hitting bumps in road. Its better to repair as soon as possible before too much gets bad. This is my third Jeep and would buy another without a second thought. Best vehicles going; take care of the vehicle it will take care of you.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    mattmo12, Fallbrook, CA, August 26, 2010 13:26
    Only complaint: Rough ride. Feel all the bumps. Recommendation? Matt
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Mckinney, TX, July 30, 2010 13:27
    Jeep is just another way to spell junk. I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited with 94k miles. Purchased in Dec 2001. A nightmare once you hit 50k miles. I have replaced all four window regulators, both outside mirrors, front brake rotors and calipers, all tie rod ends, steering stabilizer, trackbar, blend doors on heater/ac, re-circ door on heater/ac, gas cap(three times), and the blower motor control module and connector. I've also replaced all four shocks and had new brake pads installed three times. Now freon is leaking from the ac system so that will be the next big expense. If you are considering a Grand Cherokee, you should google "jeep death wobble" first. It's one of the scariest things you will ever experience when driving a vehicle.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Burlington, KY, July 25, 2010 20:24
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Roswell, GA, May 12, 2010 21:50
    My 2002 V6 has 126k miles on it. Tranny had to be replaced at 50k, brake rotors need turning every so often. My last repair was a brain buster, but ended up pretty cheap. A/C would only blow from the defrost vents, and the cruise control was not holding speed. These two things happened all at once. A quick Google search revealed that this was just a $2 vacuum hose fix - total repair time, 1 hour. I will drive this thing another 50k.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Visitor, Natrona Heights, PA, April 08, 2010 13:23
    Overall the car is good except it has the chrysler a/c curse. The evaporator needs replaced. Every chrysler I have owned has had the same problem. All were costly. I will research cars I buy from now on to be sure the a/c parts aren't supplied by the same manufacturer as the ones Chrysler uses. I keep 5 cars at all times and am making the transition away from chrysler products due to the aggravating problems I have had with HVAC and brakes.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    ProB8, Little Rock, AR, April 18, 2009 21:45
    Have two of these - a Laredo and an Overland. Great vehicles, excellent performance but just average fuel economy. Overland had $700 nonwarranty AC repair when a plastic gear broke in the dash- caused cold air to blow on the passenger side- no heat. Both have steering noise at low speed left turns (like in the driveway). We'll drive them til they fall apart.
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  • 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    getup71, Trenton, NJ, September 24, 2008 14:15
    Be careful on the 2002 Grand Cherokees if they were built before May 2001 they use Teves Brake Calipers which are horrible caused major rotor warping problems Jeep was aware of the problem but didnt offer a recall just a replacement if you had your brakes serviced withing the first 36,000 miles. Which I should have but didnt. If you are looking to purchase a grand cherokee make sure it is one with the akebono brake calipers which were put in place after May 2001. All else has been good with the vehicle.
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