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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Reviews and Owner Comments

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe (2 Reviews)
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Not sure if I'm just unlucky. I am at the dealership right now getting yet another (about the 5th time!) engine warning light checked out. Has anybody else had issues with the check engine light coming on? Seems to come on about every 2 months. One time, they said the gas we were using had too much ethanol in it, even though we were putting premium gas in the car. I am fortunate that the car is still under warranty (25K miles on it), so most of these checkouts have been little or no cost to me. But I am worried about this being a maintenance nightmare once the car is out of warranty. I purchased the car on a 3 year lease that will be up June 2016. Right now, I am thinking of dumping the car when the lease runs out, but I just read a lot of reviews from Santa Fe owners of earlier model years saying the car is reliable and great. Please help advise me on whether I should purchase the car after the lease is up or walk away. Does the Santa Fe have a higher than usual repair record compared to other cars in its class? I am happy with everything on the car besides the engine. But since the engine is a critical part of the car, nothing else matters if the engine is going to be throwing alerts on a regular basis.
this is not sonta fe 2013

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