2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Reviews

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (7 Reviews)
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original owner: 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe AWD -V6/2.7 engine. Prior 100,000 miles, warranty everything possible. Short horn, short driver door lock, short hitch connection, struts/springs needed replacing -causing premature/uneven wear on tires. More serious at 140,000 miles - AC compressor - twice froze, AC condenser, power steering pump, windshield washer motor, cam gear inner fell apart/broke? Please give input - why cam gear broken inside timing belt area....
Just bought a 2005 hyundai santa fe.been checking out some of your reveiws hope what happen to you guy does not happen to me. I also bought a 2 yrs warranty. So far i must say that over all the car runs grate. Lets see what happens, I'm gonna make sure that i keep tract of every penny put into this car (or record). Anyway thank you for all your reveiws.
Bought it new. Initially had some problems 140k miles on it. Has been all over the country time and time again. Over all, decent vehicle. Not terribly impressed with AWD in snow/ice but could be worse.
brought 2005 hyundai santa fe, used at 133,000miles love the car its the best car i ever had. but im having troble with the brake light .i changed the light bulb 3x already so i figure it an electrical problem or maybe a fuse, afraid to take it to the hyundai dealer because they will charge for just looking at it, but other then that small issue, i do love the car.
2005 Santa Fe Bought used with 24M miles on it. At 88,400 the cats went. Luckily (or so I thought) the dealership split the cost with me - over $2,500. Then at 85M miles on my way to MA with kids and hubby, the engine seized - yup - SEIZED. I had purchased the extended warrantee and was lucky to be towed to a very good garage. The warrantee covered it all - and it needed a whole new engine. The rods and pistons farthest from the oil supply had shut down. No explanation and it was not due to owner abuse - had all my oil change records every 3M miles on the dot with bottled oil. Now the new thing: check engine light comes on within driving 15 miles after every fill-up. Last Hyundai I'll ever buy. Going back to Nissans - last 2 I traded in at 275M miles and never did anything but brakes, oil changes, tires and belts. Rather pay the $$ up front an know I don't have to worry down the line.
2.4 l engine is weak broke both inner and outer timing belts 2 ignition coils crank sensor down stream catalytic convertor. dealership rapes you for these repairs suggest you get honest mechanic to look over timing belts because it could cause major damage internaly. supposed to be replaced at 60,000miles at 600$ catalytic costs over 1,000$ at dealership do it yourself arond 250$. since i bought new handeling sucked almost like a lead box on 4 wheels. will never purchase another hyuandai P.O.S again,nuff said.
Terrible car... somehow the fuel purge valve is stuck so i cant put gas in my car!!!!!!!!!!!! 95.00 Diagnostic test and then they will let me know whats wrong. 2005 with 92000 miles.... TERRIBLE CAR!!!