GMC S15 Jimmy Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your GMC S15 Jimmy

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The national average repair and maintenance cost for a GMC S15 Jimmy is between $366 and $447 per year. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and service provider.

GMC Repair Estimates
1990 GMC S15 Jimmy Service Detail: 2WD, Both Sides
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
$232 - $306
1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Service Detail: 4WD, Right Side
Exhaust Manifold Replacement
$334 - $508
1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Service Detail: 2WD, Front, Both Sides
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement
$316 - $635
1990 GMC S15 Jimmy Service Detail: 4WD, One Side
Wheel Bearing Replacement - Front
$324 - $498
1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Service Detail: 2WD, Both Sides
Ball Joint Replacement - Upper
$184 - $350

GMC S15 Jimmy Problems

Power Window Motor May Fail

A door window may move slowly or stop in mid travel due to a failing power window motor. The affected window may start working again after the motor cools off. Replacing the faulty window motor will commonly correct this concern.

ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure

The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) control unit may fail internally causing the ABS warning light to illuminate.

Driveability Problems Due to Internal Distributor Fault

The distributor may develop internal faults. This can cause a rough running engine or stalling condition, the Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate. Our technicians tell us that the distributor should be overhauled or replaced to correct this concern.

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GMC S15 Jimmy Questions

How do I change the break switch, what does it look like, and where exactly is it located on a 1989 S15 Jimmy? (1 answer)

I brought a part but It doesn't seem like right part. It's long, with two terminals on one endend, and a threaded end with plunger. The same switch is on the front of my break shaft not the back, that's why I think I might have the wrong part.

what would be the best way to get the door off of another truck then re-install (1 answer)

sloppy handling and tire leaning out on my 91 jimmy (1 answer)

i have a s15 jimmy with a 3' body lift and torsion bars cranked a lil with a shackle lift. the ffront pass tire is leaning out on the top and theres a vibration in the front. also i have a leaf spring cracked around the bushing in the rear and my handling is really sloppy on the highway. any ...

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GMC S15 Jimmy Reviews

good car lasted over 10 years with 190000 miles on it
this truck has been great, bought mine with 75000 miles on it last november. i have had to put a new exhaust system because the catalytic converter went bad but besides that i love this truck, this is a mean little truck and it can handle just about anything
My 1991 S15 Jimmy has been great for me, i have experienced some of the common problems like the power window motors going bad or the heater core leaking coolant onto the front passenger side of the floor. But besides these minor problems this truck has been nothing less than great for me.

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