Ford Transit Connect Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect Questions

Why A/c stop working on idle and engine overheating (1 answer)

everything working when im driving when i stop on idle a/c blowing hot air and temperature on engine going high engine fan working only 30 seconds and then turn off
any ideas what is going on???????????????

Why does the gas filler symbol on the dash not match the actual location? (1 answer)

On the dash is a gas pump symbol with an arrow next to it indicating( I think) the gas filler is on the driver's side of the car. In actuality, the gas filler door is on the passenger side of the car. Am I mis-interpreting the dash symbol or can the direction of the arrow changed to agree wi...

why does the A/C stop working and blowes hot air this last time it overheated (2 answers)

why does the A/C stop working and blowes hot air this last time it overheated also and had to be picked up and brought to the dealership and they can not fix the problem this was the 3rd thime at the dealership on this they can not get it to do this for them and computer does not give any codes

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Ford Transit Connect Recalls

Vehicle Stability Control And Anti-Lock Brakes Malfunction

The brake hydraulic control unit (HCU) pump may become contaminated with metallic debris, causing the pump to not operate properly. Dealers will replace the brake HCU pump free of charge to resolve the concern.

Instrumentation And Warning Lights May Fail To Operate

The instrument panel cluster and warning lights may malfunction and stop working. Dealers will update the instrument panel software free of charge to resolve the concern.

Seat Belts

These vehicles are being recalled because their upper seat belt mounts were improperly installed, resulting in an unsafe condition during a crash. Mounts were fastened to the car without enough torque, and these can become loose over time. Dealers will replace the original seatbelt fasteners install the new ones with proper torque.

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Ford Transit Connect Reviews

DEBILITATING VEHICLE! This is a piece of junk! Driving this vehicle for a month is having me at the chiropractor now. My back hurts constantly now during the week when driving this garbage. This should have never been manufacturered. I was a Ford guy until I drove this long enough. I will never own another Ford because of this debilitating rolling turd!! Ford Transit Connect is F"Ed up! $hit! ...
passenger seat back doesn't in position
What a piece of shit will never buy another ford again. JUNK

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