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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your Chrysler PT Cruiser

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

A defective turn signal lever (multifunction switch) can cause erratic operation of the turn signals and other exterior lights. Depending on the fault, a dead battery could result. Our technicians recommend replacing the failed switch.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Some vehicles may develop a musty odor coming from the HVAC system, Dodge has issued a cleaner/disinfectant and a coating for the evaporator designed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Certain 2001-2005 models were recalled because the high pressure power steering hose could contact the transaxle differential cover and wear prematurely, causing a fluid leak. A Damaged hose should be replaced and correctly routed to prevent future damage. For more information on the recall, please click here»

Drive Train -- Verified

2.4L 4 cylinder (non-turbo) Software updates to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) are available that can improve shift quality for rough up and/or down shifts. On higher mileage vehicles, other problems may cause shifting issues. Diagnoses may be required to isolate the cause. Anytime major transmission repairs are made the PCM software should be checked and updated as necessary.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

A click heard when turning the steering wheel may be solved by aligning the steering column or installing revised parts in the column (requires removal of the steering column).

Chrysler PT Cruiser Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., November 12, 2000

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The information on how to secure a car seat properly using tether anchors using step by step, illustrated procedures is missing. Improper attachment of child seat tether straps to vehicle tether anchors could cause a child safety issue in a collision. Owners were sent an addendum to the owners manual that addresses tether strap installation.

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Body, Interior & Misc., November 4, 2002

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The right rear anchor wire for a child safety seat may be too large. As a result, a safety seat using an anchor cable may not latch correctly, which can increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash. Dealers will inspect and re-size the anchor wire.

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Engine, August 12, 2002

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The fuel pump module mounting flange could leak fuel in the event of a rollover crash. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak may result in a fire. Dealers will install a secondary seal over the fuel pump module to correct this issue.

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Engine, August 12, 2002

RepairPal Expert Overview:

A fuel leak may develop, which may cause the fuel supply line to contact one of the air conditioning service ports. Chafing of the line could result in a fuel leak, which may cause a fire. Dealers will inspect the fuel line and add a retainer or replace the line if necessary.


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Suspension & Steering, September 20, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The power steering pressure hose may contact the automatic transaxle, potentially damaging the hose. An underhood fire could result from the leaking fluid. Dealers will inspect the power steering pressure hose and retain or replace it as necessary.

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions and Answers

silverstreak, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, West Sacramento, CA

how do I change the thermostat on a 2002 PT Cruiser

eihenry, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, West Palm Beach, FL

Can't find estimate for power sttering switch for 2001 P.T. cruiser - can you help?Dealership has given me an estimate of $110.95 Is this in the right range?

kingjazdo, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Wesley Chapel, FL

sitting at a stop light and car just died. No power to the car at all. Checked the battery and it still had power. Tried to jump it and and no responce. No lights no nothing inside the car any ideas

Cruiser_1, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Neshkoro, WI

43,586 trouble free miles. Car misfires and goes to complete stall. Rest for 5 minutes and will re-start. Runs fair and advances to good for indefine period. Returns to problem. Runs good at sh...

butchvw7, 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Martinsburg, PA

heated seat on pass side comes on by itself a few times a week & can not be turned off.i replaced the switch on the seat & the relay under the dash.no change.

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Reviews

Brought my 2008 PT cruiser two years ago. I love the car, the only issues I have with it is the engine mounts I need to replace every two years. I live in a city full of Potholes and just assumed they are the reason.

I love my car the only thin is the dash lights only 1\2 are working left side that all

I bought this 2010 PT for my wife, who liked the retro styling and the convenience of a wagon. 60k miles and three years later, problems are beginning to appear, in spite of better than regular preventive maintenance. The gas mileage has slipped into the high teens, the front, lower control arm bushings have failed for the second time since new, the car is burning a bit of oil (Mobil 1) after the first two thousand miles and, most recently, the second ABS wheel sensor has failed. Overall, these are problems which one might expect at 120k miles, not 60k miles. For twenty grand, a Corolla or Civic would be a MUCH better value, I am sorry to say. Looks are fleeting; quality means everything. This is a practical design, but with less than quality engineering applied.

we have put 2 batteries in it and it still keeps dying no lights on no radio on starter and alternator is good what is the problem

I bought my PT Crusier GT new in 2006, I have spent a lot of money on tires, and keeping it running, I park in my garge 6 months ago, and stop driving it, due it was always breaking down, the turbo stop working, go through tires, engine light is always on, due something is wrong, I bought the top end, black with crome packet with GT, looks good park, as long you don't drive it