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2002 Chrysler Town & Country Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Chrysler Town & Country (18 Reviews)
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I'v had my 2002 for awhile yes I have put a little work in it. I would trade it for anything. My nephew has been trying to get to give it to him snf buy a new one.170 thousand and still going strong. Joyce in oklahoma
We bought our 2002 Chrysler Town and Country from my mother-in-law in 2012 with only 30,000 miles on it, she barely ever drove it so we figured it was a great deal. In August of 2014 the transmission went out at 71,000 miles. Since then it's been making engine compartment "whine" noise, they said water pump, so replaced it, said it was alternator, so replaced that. Tonight Oct. 9, 2014 the 2 month old transmission went out at 74,000 miles! Thankfully it had a 30,000 or 3 year warranty. But still, it's very frustrating! And all of our work has been done at 5 Star certified Chrysler/Dodge service dealers! I'll never buy another Chrysler or Dodge.
my 2002 Chrysler town and country EX is an all around LEMON I've had nothing but problems with it since I've gotten it.. it is currently sitting in my back yard waiting on a new water pump and thermostat.. it wont hold any antifreeze. and if its not the water pump then im guessing headgaskets.. ughhhhh I will never buy one of these AGAIN.
140,000 miles and still dependable. I bought this one 6 years ago and have put over 60,000 miles on it. Only problems I have really had where brakes and rotors wearing quickly and having to recharge ac at least 2 to 3 times every summer. I have searched for leak and cannot find it. Other than that very reliable. It is the limited model.
I purchased my '02 T&C EX in November, 2001. The only major problem I have had was rebuilding the transmission at about 90k miles. Now, June, 2014, and 126k+ miles, it is still going strong. I am having to replace the AC blower motor now, but, it still gets so cold it can run you out. There is a rattle that no one has been able to figure out (it sounds like the muffler to me, but, that has been checked) the electric doors have to be opened manually now and the headliner fell. Overall, I feel it has held up very well and is still a great vehicle.
This is the worst car I've ever owned. Everything that can go wrong has. Tire pressure sensors, air conditioner, windows stopped rolling down, slider doors never shut automatically, lift gate doesn't open, headliner fell, power steering is absolutely awful, transmission issues, and it randomly shuts off while I'm driving. I really don't have much nice to say except it's comfortable, the seats are holding up pretty well. It gets about 10 miles to a gallon in town. I would NEVER recommend this car to anyone ever.
163,000 miles and still going strong. Interior ok, but like most the interier overhead material has been removed due to it dropping. Drive train, normal maintenance Electrical, NOTE THIS GUYS If your speedometer does not work, just dies, then ZERO your tripometer, below the speedometer, then press it again for about 25 secondss, release it when all your electrical system starts flashing and going nuts. The computer is resetting everything and you speedometer shall start working again. Engine NO TUNE UP OR INJECTOR WORK YET. Course I use a special fuel additive. She still gets 32mpg too. A/C finially spring a leak near the engine but hey 163,000! Suspension and stearing. Currently having a problem with a rattle due to wear and tear I'm sure, but can't find the rattle. It is on the other side of the firewall, and apparent when driving over bumps, but really becomes loud when I press the brake peddal lightly. Note: brakes have been inspected. FUEL PUMP FROBLEM. GUYS DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT RUN YOUR CAR INTO THE RED ON YOUR GAS GAGE. THESE FUEL PUMPS ARE GASOLINE COOLED, YOU RUN IT DOWN TO EMPTY, GUESS WHAT? YUP YOUR FUEL PUMP GETS H O T!!! I USED TO GET 600 MILES PER TANK, DARN IT IF I DID NOT REPLACE TWO PUMPS BEFORE A GOOD MECHANIC ASKED ME IF I LIKED GOING DOWN TO EMPTY. THAT ENDED THAT HABIT. HOPE THIS HELPED SOMEONE.
Had T&C since new in 2002. The van has a "hesitation" almost like stalling problem when I turn left from a stop or very low speeds. Problem since new. Dealer could not figure it out. Still does it at 130K. Stering has been a problem for a long time as well; noisy/humming and hard turning specially during call weather; when warm it still does it but less. Sliding doors stops working intermitently. Gas millage is horrible; 17 city/21 Hwy. Front cealing console light went out; had to by an "update" part required in order to get the light bulb replaced; $100. I believe that should have been a recall item since, i believe the update came as a safety electrical issue with the old part. $400 for passenger side front seat arm reast; labor not included. Overall, parts are VERY expensive. Wipers get jam/tanggled and twisted while driving at freeway speeds; bad when happens during snow storm- wipers are unreliable. Smoth and fairly quiet ride. Still will not buy another Chrysler ever again. I had much better experiences with my Honda cars.
there is something wrong with the electrical system all the lights blink on and off the horn beeps and the fuel pump shuts off running or not
The van is a total piece of crap.Windows don't work,replaced radiator,several batteries,head lights,indoor carpet due to condensate leak(warranty)headliner,and only 150,000 miles.Cluster lighys blimk on and off.
We bought the limited edition new in 2002. We now (2011) have 202,000 miles on it. Wife drives 22K mi per year with 3 kids. Overall excellent performance over life cycle. Only major problem was transmission rebuild at 97,000 mi but covered under original 7yr/100K warranty offered as result of 9-11. Leather interior in great condition. Water pump replacement every 60K, radiator at 140K, battery needs replacing every 18 months due to everything is electrical and constant drain and recharge. Currently may need to replace original AC evaporator. No engine problems currently but considering a total engine rebuild as preventative measure to keep the car for next 5 years as happy with it, it still runs and looks great, and do not want a new car monthly payment.
We now have over 155,000 miles on our van and it does have a few problems but overall I am still very pleased with it. I have replaced the fan control module sensor and the brakes make lots of noise but this appears to be chatter from the pads. This van has the 3.8L V-6 which is so much better that the 3.3 because the power is needed for this size vehicle and it actually gets better fuel economy. Anybody can get a list of the Computer codes off the website and a Chrysler vehicle will tell you right on the dash what is wrong with itself. http://www.allpar.com/fix/computer-codes.html $900 fuel pump? The pumps are not cheap ($191.50 at AutoZone) but that seems very high on labor cost.
Bought new in 2002, only has 70,000. It's at a dealership now having a new fuel pump installed. Dealer says it will cost nearly $900! Sounds too high???? Can anybody verify? Electrical problems (sliding door, rear tailgate & CD player) have been constant. A/C condenser had to be replaced ($1,500) 6 months out of warranty. Two different repair shops have told me that Chrysler products are difficult to diagnose without DRB diagnostic equipment which is available only at Chrysler dealers. Which forces the owner to go to a dealer who puts a gun to your head and demands nearly $900 for a fuel pump. Life is too short to drive a Chrysler!
Very bad electrical system. AC charge line hose busted and could not find hose anywhere. Finally found the parts in Detroit and had to have it shipped over to DC. Price $85.00 Other than that replaced I have replaced roaters, given the car a normal tune up.
I would'nt buy another T&C Van. Owned this vehicle 4 yrs had to replace Front Rotors,power steering pump& all the hoses to it which broke 3 times. Drver side window moter,passenger sliding door quit working for about 6 months then started working again.the heater got stuck on had to replace blower module.replaced battery. driver heated seat stop working,half of the dash lights went out,just replaced alternaterand now it stalls and shifts down real hard,transmission slips. took to dealership twice last week and they did computer test and can't find out what wrong with it cause no codes come up. had transmission module reset still did'nt help. Nothing but a HUGE HEADACHE. 109,000 miles beeb falling apart since 34,000
Bought new in 2002. It now has 111,000 miles. The van is generally a pleasure to drive. It is comfortable and has enough power (no towing) from the 3.3 liter engine for any regular driving. I replaced the brakes - new rotors and pads - at around 45k and 90k miles. Several backlights in the dash are burned out, but I still have just enough to drive at night. The seats and interior have held up relatively well through a wife and two children. I have replaced under warranty: Brake master cylinder X2! Power steering pump Replaced at my expense: Power steering pump Power steering cooler Power steering rack Power steering reservoir Sway bar bushings and links Radiator Idler pulley Serpentine belt Battery Hoses to heater core and rear heater core (leak due to corrosion) Brakes front and back X2
Transmission goes exactly at 170,000 km. Problems with heater fan, and window controls.
bad electrical system power door problem dash lights out heated seat and others switchs dont come on. Brakes vribrate warped rotors front. tie rod ends bad.