2009 Mini Cooper S Repair and Maintenance

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Mini Cooper S
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2009 Mini Cooper S
$1,403 to $2,465
2009 Mini Cooper S
$384 to $684
2009 Mini Cooper S
$430 to $638
2009 Mini Cooper S
$180 to $368
2009 Mini Cooper S
$228 to $392

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There are reports of premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual transmissions.  Clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite costly.

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Runs & drives fine. Reg maintenance on oil, tires, brakes, brake fluid etc. -> Fuel rail froze 3 or 4 times this winter. Car would run rough 'till warm, then fine after restart. (I'd let it idle for a few minutes then shut off and it would start/run fine.) Half-shaded CEL until 1 o...

My Mini Cooper electronic shift malfunction light came on and I'm concerned because I'm a road trip what should I do? How bad could it be?

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The electrical circuit board in the auxiliary water pump can malfunction and overheat. The circuit board may smolder, which could result in a fire. Dealers will replace the auxiliary water pump to correct this concern.

Twelve Mini Cooper vehicles were assembled with 15-inch wheels instead of 16-inch wheels and tires as indicated on the tire frame label on the door frame. This does not conform with with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard regarding tires and wheels. Dealers will replace the 15-inch wheels and tires with the-16 inch wheels and tires free of charge. The recall began May, 2009.

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Serious reliability issues. Knowing what we now know after owning two mini's I would never recommend this car to anyone. Latest issue is an overheat warning light that went on then off but apparently was not really off and caused the engine to melt down. Mini's answer to any warning lights is to pull over immediately no matter where you are. I would never let my wife or any young people dri...

We have a 2009 cooper S. 46k for miles. So far we have a thermostat issue and the tranny keeps popping out of 6th gear. The car uses oil but it seems as though this is what they do as I read more about these on the web. No leaks or smoke, just uses oil. Oh, and the oil light, well there isn't one. No gage or any indicator to let you know other then the click clack if the engine to let you know ...

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