2007 Mini Cooper S Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2007 Mini Cooper S

2007 Mini Cooper S Problems

Electric Power Steering Pump May Fail

Minis have an electric power steering pump that is prone to failure. When replacing the pump, our technicians advise inspecting the cooling fan because it is often the cause of the failure of the pump.

Clutch May Wear Prematurely

There are reports of premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual transmissions.  Clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite costly.

engine oil leaks

have had several leaks,most recent was the oil cooler O-rings but now I have a leak from the oil pan gasket and rear main seal. Expensive little buggers if you don't work on your own like me.

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2007 Mini Cooper S Questions

price estimates (1 answer)

the problem is transmission oil in it burnt. check engine light is on and has transmission related codes. To replace the transmission in car will cost in the range of $2800 to $3000
is fair price ?

At the dealer , I had an estomeate of $2050 (1 answer)

for thermostat,radiator cap,water pump and pipe. Then they went down to $550 and said that was cost.
engine drive $298 rear pads and rotators $570
is this a good deal and would all this be needed at 45,000 miles ? I am weary because of th reduction in price.
My heater was blowing cold and th...

Why is smoke coming from under car sometimes? (1 answer)

My MINI has vacuum pump and full flow oil filter seals oil leaks. The leaks are dripping on to the exhaust pipe. Why would this cause smoking from under the car sometimes, but not other times? Is this dangerous?

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2007 Mini Cooper S Recalls

Auxiliary Water Pump May Catch Fire

The electrical circuit board in the auxiliary water pump can malfunction and overheat. The circuit board may smolder, which could result in a fire. Dealers will replace the auxiliary water pump to correct this concern.

Burn from Tail Pipe Extension

The tailpipe extension protrudes slightly past the rear bumper. Inadvertent contact with the tailpipe extension could occur. If the extension were hot, a burn could result. Dealers will replace the tailpipe extension with a shorter one to correct this issue. This recall is expected to begin during January of 2009.

Tire Placard Lists Improper Tire Information

The tire placard may list the improper tire sizes and tire air pressure for the vehicle. Owners will be provided a corrected label to install on their vehicle on their own, or a dealership can help install it free of charge to resolve the concern.

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2007 Mini Cooper S Reviews

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The most fun I've had owning/driving a vehicle...ever. Yes, it is expensive to purchase and repair, but the experience and joy it provided makes one forget everything else. When people see it up close, they want one...even the ones that didn't have a care in the world for them at first thought!

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