2006 Mini Cooper S Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2006 Mini Cooper S

2006 Mini Cooper S Problems

Electric Power Steering Pump May Fail

Minis have an electric power steering pump that is prone to failure. When replacing the pump, our technicians advise inspecting the cooling fan because it is often the cause of the failure of the pump.

Clutch May Wear Prematurely

There are reports of premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual transmissions.  Clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite costly.

power window pops when going up

faulty window regulator is the cause of the pop noise.

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2006 Mini Cooper S Questions

What is an exceptable draw on a battery while car in sitting in the driveway (1 answer)

I keep replacing parts and if the car sit for a week. The battery is dead

Will mini replace an engine if there is a defect? (1 answer)

I have been told that mini would replace an engine if there's a defect. Recently my '06 mini went on the fritz. Now they're quoting a price of over 3 grand to replace a valve cover, oil pan gasket, rocker panel lifters, and a harmonic balancer. Is this normal wear and tear, or did I j...

Car won't turn over battery is fine what would it be? (1 answer)

Battery is fine. It won't spark to turn engine over, no problems previous,just stopped!! What is your opinion? Please!!!

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2006 Mini Cooper S Recalls

Front Passenger Air Bag May Not Deploy

The occupant detection mat sensor can malfunction, preventing the passenger side front air bag from deploying in a crash. Mini will replace the front passenger seat occupant detection mat free of charge to correct the concern.

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