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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2000 Dodge Ram 1500

2000 Dodge Ram 1500

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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Problems

Engine -- Verified

Engine overheating can result from coolant leaks which are commonly found at the thermostat housing gasket, water pump, heater return tube O-ring at the water pump, intake manifold gasket, and timing cover gasket. Our technicians recommend a complete inspection of the cooling system after any repairs are made to be sure there are no other leaks.

Engine -- Verified

On 3.9L V6 and 5.9L V8 engines, the intake manifold gasket may leak and cause increased oil consumption and a spark knock during acceleration; the gasket should be replaced.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

If a Check Engine Light illuminates indicating leak detection pump (LDP) failure, the cause is often pinched or disconnected vacuum lines to the pump. Vacuum lines should be inspected before replacing the leak detection pump. Contamination (carbon or debris) in the pump can cause failure and any hoses should be cleared before a new pump is installed.

Engine -- Verified

On the 3.9L V6, 5.2L V8 and 5.9L V8 the Oil leaks commonly from the valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets (front and rear), timing cover gaskets, distributor O-ring, and the rear main seal area. Using fluorescent engine oil dye can be helpful in determining the source(s) of the oil leak.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

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On the 3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8, rerouting the ignition coil wire and spark plug wires can help solve a misfire and/or surge problem that occurs at approximately 45 mph. A service bulletin was published that outlines the specifics of the repair. It states the rerouting procedure should be performed before other repairs are done for misfires, s...

2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., June 18, 2001

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler is recalling certain 1997-2000 Dodge Dakota, 1998-2000 Dodge Durango, and 1997-2001 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models because sound deadening material inside the steering wheel may become dislodged and interfere with the clock spring ribbon, which can cause an open electrical circuit. An open circuit in the clock spring will illuminate the air bag warning light and disable the air bag system. With the air bag system disabled, there is an increased chance of injury in the event of a crash. Dealers will replace the clock spring to correct this concern.

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Body, Interior & Misc., April 24, 2000

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler has recalled certain 1998-2000 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 trucks equipped with the optional trailer hitch. The trailer hitch side brackets are composed of a material with insufficient strength, which could fatigue and fracture in the area where the trailer hitch mounts to the frame. Dealers will inspect the trailer hitches and replace any trailer hitch showing signs of fatigue cracking. If no evidence of cracking exists, the dealer will install two reinforcement brackets.

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Brakes, September 27, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler has recalled certain 1998-2003 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models equipped with four-wheel ABS because aftermarket batteries may leak electrolyte onto the ABS control module connector, which can compromise the sealing integrity. This may allow development of a short circuit in the connector, which could eventually lead to a fire. Dealers will inspect the ABS control module connector for electrolyte damage and replace it if necessary.

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Brakes, March 8, 2001

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler has recalled certain 2000 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models with ABS systems because some vehicles may have inadequate clearance between the front tire/wheel and the brake hose/ABS sensor wire assembly, which can cause them to come into contact with each other. This can lead to wire damage or a hole in the brake line, which adversely affects braking performance. Dealers will replace the front brake hose assemblies and the ABS sensor wire will be inspected and replaced if necessary.

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Electrical & Lights, August 27, 2001

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Chrysler has recalled certain 2000-2001 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 models without power front seats because in the presence of road salt, water, or other road debris, the power seat connector located beneath the driver's seat could develop a high resistive short circuit that cycles the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker cycles for an extended period of time, the resulting heat could start a fire. Owners and dealers will receive instructions for removing the circuit breaker from the fuse panel.

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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Questions and Answers

BigT, 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2L V8, Abilene, TX

I bought this truck in August 08. It began overheating two weeks ago and I replaced a faulty lower radiator hose. This past week it started overheating again and upon inspection I noticed steam com...

lily Rosell, 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2L V8, Hialeah, FL

I have an antifreeze leak it's a small leak on the back seal of the engine. Is there something i can use to stop the leak myself. Such as a product i can purchase at auto shop place or techn...

RCowart, 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2L V8, Panama City Beach, FL

estimate on repairs,probably just replacing bearings

Visitor, 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, Tacoma, WA

How much does it cost to repair the front differential?

Visitor, 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2L V8, Waterville, ME

I've got a little over 150K miles on the truck. It's a 5 speed standard and my daily driver. It runs fine for about 45 mins to an hour, then starts acting like it's skipping. Star...

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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews

I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 5.2 V8 SLT 5 speed with 141,000 miles. I bought it with 110,000 miles. Tows great on a regular basis.
Within the past two years I have replaced: Water pump, tensioner pulley, thermostat twice (due to the first thermostat being faulty itself), lower ball joints, drivers side window motor, radiator, upper and lower hoses, tps sensor, ivac sensor, u joints, two new rear tires (I still need to purchase two new front tires), new brake pads and roters.

My Ram is reliable (even though it has had a lot of repairs). It does have the dodge cracked dashboard, I bought a cover so it no longer looks cracked.

The Ram is a great truck. No major problems if you keep with with routine repairs, especially if you choose the standard transmission.

To those who complain about the ram transmissions going out/cracked dashboards: this is a known issue with this generation of Dodge Rams. If you bought a used Ram and the automatic transmission goes out, I do not pity you. Especially if the truck is 5+ years old. Every vehicle has its niche about whats bad with it. Choose a standard transmission and you wont ever have an issue. And regarding the cracked dash: yes it sucks, but its not a major deal...especially when you can buy a dash cover online for pretty cheap.

Used trucks are used. you must keep up on repairs if you desire to have a good vehicle

I bought my 2000 Ram with 150,000 miles, and now it has about 235,000. I perform regular maintenance every 3,000 miles, and I am happy with the truck. I is a club cab, and it looks good and runs great. The major problem right now is the a/c, but I will fix it myself shortly, since it is getting close to summer. It is time for another brake job now, and I will need a water pump before long. I try to fix it BEFORE it breaks, once it starts showing wear. I would love to have a new four door Ram, but I'm just not willing to have another monthly note for it.

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