Q: would too much oil cuase car not to start? on 2001 Plymouth Neon

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Hello again My Name is Angie. My Plymouth Neon wont start it has a spark from spark plugs but there is oil in two of the plugs. We found out that my Husband put too much oil in would that cause the car not to start? it turns over but dont start. thanks for taking time to help look forward to hearing from you thanks
(2) Answers
Look at the dipstick how high is the oil level?This should give you some idea as to how much over full the crankcase is!This will make the engine smoke while running at idle as well as driving,and there will be detonation or spark knock.If the plugs get oil fowled then it may not start,because the injectors keep spraying fuel as you try to start. Drain out some oil and replace the plugs. Dont run untill the oil level is correct.The rear main seal may also leak.If it is a manual shift the clutch may get oil soaked,and you will have more repairs to fix a oily clutch it will slip.
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