Q: Worth repairing cracked sleeve? on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

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Mechanics say putting in engine w/ 25,000 miles on it best bet. Is it worth it for almost $6000???????
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Agree with greg, it is worth fixing if you like the vehicle, can't buy another for anything close to repair money!
What happened to crack the sleeve? I have seen these vehicles go 500,000 mi. with little repair, no joke! 175,000 aint shi#! Only thing, it is not worth much without an engine! IF it were me i would fix it. What about warranty on the replacement engine?
Don't know what happened - my husband is not good at this stuff, so as the wife I'm the man here haha...We were counting on that high mileage, I will ask what caused it & otherwise 4runner is in great shape. Warranty on replacement engine id 50,000 miles - at first they said they would get a 100,000 mile warranty one but now they can't. I guess we will take your advice, as we really can't afford a car payment now, but I was willing to get a new little kia or something w/ that $6000 as a downpayment. Thanks for all your help!!!!
The only thing is that Toyota in the winter sure is handy! Yes i know KIA makes an AWD but it just is not the same as what you have got as far as going in really rough/deep snow conditions in NJ, one of them Nor'easters come through! I say IF you like it keep it, next one you may hate; or like.
thanks for your answer -went to & put in all info & they recommended place where vehicle currently is to be repaired - haha. The $6000 is engine, labor & tax. Just don't know if it's worth repairing or buying new - car has 175000 miles on it & we need it to last another 3 years..... Any opinions?
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