Q: wont turn over at all on 1995 Nissan 200SX

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put a new clutch in and now the car wont turn over at all. we cked the clutch saftey switch and the grounds. this car just wont crank. we have power but we are completly stumped. any ideas
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Make sure the ground strap is attached to the engine perhaps even try putting jumper cables from the battery negative post to the engine block. Make sure the car is in neutral handbrake applied, bring power directly to the starter (the wire coming from the ignition switch to the starter) see if the engine cranks over. This will check the starter is OK and nothing is mechanically/physically jammed in the engine/drivetrain.
Do the ignition light come on, on the dash when the key is turned on? If it is electrical you will need a wiring diagram and voltmeter to trouble shot the fuse links, ignition switch relays ect.....
dash lights work and car was starting if the weather is cool out side but forget it when it got warm out? whats up with this....1995 nissan 200se