Q: Won't turn over! on 2005 Ford Taurus

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my 2005 Taurus just decided to quit running on my while driving it yesterday. It tries to start & turn over but just continues to crank. We checked the fuel shut off switch in the trunk (it's not triggered), changed the fuel filter and checked the fuel pump. It is getting spark from the plugs but it still won't turn over and start!
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This car has a timing chain...and that is not likely to be broken.

You could have a synchronizer and / or cam position sensor issue.
Spray some quick start fluid, down the throttle. I fit starts and cuts off you will need to check the following...(1) Fuel Pump it should prime itself as soon as key is turned on, just because the reset switch is not popped does not mean it works. (2) Fuel filter is already changed then go to step #3. (3) Check fuel pressure regulator for fuel pressure, I am not sure as to what it should be. (4) Check valve timing by removing the top cover and cranking to see if the cam sprocket is turning, if not then the belt is broken.
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