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Q: won't start when warmed up on 2000 Nissan Xterra

My daughters 2000 xterra won't start after it has warmed up and ran . This just started-- it has no juice at all--lights, door buzzer etc--after it has sat for awhile it starts and runs fine, but after it is driven and shut off it has no power to anything?????
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This sounds like a main relay or ignition switch possibly (maybe even a fused link or main fuse). It's hard to say, but it sounds like as whatever causes this warms up, the circuit goes open and kills all your power. When it dies you can use a test light or multimeter to see what components have still power when it goes dead. This should help isolate the problem
hope this helps
I would like to know if you found a solution to this. We took our X-TERRA into the Bellevue (yes we live in Woodinville) yesterday to get an oil change. The next day my wife was at Larry's and said the car would not start. She opened the hood for some reason, and it started. I got home started it, ran for a while, turned it off and i got the exact same thing.
No power to anything, no lights, no nothing.
I opened the hood to see if i could see anything, and sure enough it started.
IT sounds like there is some problem with the heat affecting something but i don't know what.

One other symptom was i used my OBD2 Diag Tool on a check engine soon light and it said...

ODC Code P0455
Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected
(Gross Leak / no flow)

I cleared the code and told the X-TERRA service guy about it. He said he could fix it for $498.00! ...Or, the gas cap might be loose.

I'm wondering about that Bellevue place.

Do you know of a good machanic close by Woodinville, WA?

Thanks, this was a great help. I think they have a design flaw, like that tire pressure light this last winter when it was real cold. This gal i knows had that one like me for a month!

In response to Answer 2000 Xterra is doing the same thing....and it started Monday after I got my oil changed on Saturday.......coincidence? Did you get yours fixed?
check battery cable ends for corrosion or looseness. also have the battery checked with a tester that can put a load on it.
Always clean the battery cables terminals first before anything else. 9 times out of 10 if will clear things right up. You might get bright lights but as soon as the starter pulls major amps that bad connection will stall things.
I was told that on mine it may be that the throttle body controller needs adjusted because it is just idling too low
Did you find the FIX for this problem its doing to my 04 Xterra
I thought it was the aftermarket alarm but it wasnt........ HELP!!!!!!!
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