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Q: won't start when engine is warm on 1999 Dodge Ram 2500

cranks 1st thing each day, after engine gets warm, will not crank until it cools off,(cold days are great)acts like it's getting no fuel, has been on diagnostic machine 2 times,still no answer, thanks in advance for ANY suggestions!!
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Customer Concern: Engine is hard starting and has long cranking times.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Test the transfer pump operation. It should run for 25 seconds after bumping the starter over.

2. It should produce 10-17 PSI fuel pressure.

3. It should produce 45 ounces of fuel during the 25 second run time.

4. Replace the transfer pump if it fails any of the tests.
Potential Causes: Fuel Transfer Pump

I had this problem on a gm car. There was suppose to be a heat guard between the starter and tne engine. when the engine would heat up the bearings whould seize up and I would have to wait 30 to 40 min for the engine to cool down. so I had put a heat guard between the engine and starter. it ran great.
Unfortunately, it is most likely the beginning stages of you injection pump failure. The VP44 injection pump is notorious for failure due to low fuel pressure (install a lift pump in your tank and a fuel pressure gauge - usually 12- 15psi - never below 5psi), and failure due to a failed Fuel Pump Control Module (on top of pump - heat ruins some of these - must replace pump). It is likely the Fuel Pump Control Module that is starting to fail in your case. This is the computer that operates the VP44, by making all of the fuel and timing calculations. Remember, this engine is fly by wire, and is completely controlled by this computer. What you are experiencing is very common; as the Control Module gets hot, it begins to malfunction. It also makes sense that you are not getting any codes from this experience (which you should). As the Control Module fails, its ability to trigger codes will go with it, thus no stored codes or check engine light. If this is the case, which it often has been, your truck will eventually stop and fail to start, until you replace the injection pump. Good Luck

have same problum on 02 2500 dogde ram diesel cam sinser right fix for me but take a prozake befor you put your big hand dowen thar. l side cinter back timing cover 1 trox bolt
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