Q: Won't start, tries to but does not turn over like its not getting fuel on 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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The car acts like its going to turn over but it never does. It's like its not gettting fuel or something...any Idea's?
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I have a 05 pt crusier had the same thing happen set n the car turn car on listen for ur fuel pump if u dont hear it cut on then its eather your relay or pump to check relay its in fuse pannal on motor both are easy 2 do
Which is the fuel pump relay in the fuse panel ? I only have the owners manuel and it does not show that. And how do you check it ?
Yes, its a clogged fuel filter, also the pt cruiser fuel pump is in the gas tank an if you drive with half a tabk of fuel or less it can cause it to fail. the pump is lubricated by the gas so its better to run with a full tank as much as possible.
Dose it sound like the engine is turning over faster then normal? if so check to see if the timing belt jumped time. Also check the engine oil level and oil pressure is ok. This vehicle monitors these things and if it is out of time, oil, or low oil pressure it will turn over but won't start.