Q: Wont start right away after refueling on 2001 Volkswagen GTI

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Ok, i am looking at an '01 VW GTI, i havent purchased it yet. The owner mentioned a problem that he has with the car, he says after he puts fuel in the car, it wont turn over right away. No problems starting other than after refueling. I have seen this problem before on a few forums, but ive not seen anyone resolve it. Have you ever heard of this? Is this going to be the start of a major problem?? i really need to know before i make this purchase!!! Thank you
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I looked on several VW forums, some said look to make sure correct spark plugs are fitted. another forum had a similar post that made sense " Finally got mine fixed too. Turns out that the (N80) Purge Vent Valve is what was causing the problem. It failed in the open position and as a result was allowing fuel fumes from the carbon canister to flow continuously into the intake manifold. During refueling the amount of fuel fumes were so intense that it actually would flood the engine. I purchased a new Bosch vent valve from Euro Parts Direct for $45. Great price! Dealer wanted $138. Installed the new valve, on passenger side under the hood by the shock tower and coolant bottle, then went and refueled...... car stared right up.... finally solved for sure! "
Purge solenoid stuck open would make sense (easy to test). I would make sure its fixed before buying.

hi, i had a volvo that did this. we found that this problem seemed to occur if we almost overfilled it with gas, or didnt replace the gas cover on perfectly. maybe it was a coincidence, but it seemed to work. hope so for you too.