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Q: Won't start, new battery, new starter on 2005 Acura MDX

The green key light is flashing, . Last couple of months needed a jump several times. Finally wouldn't start at all, replaced battery (it was leaking ) , still wouldn't, replaced starter (prior to problem, sounded like it was was going out) . Now it tries to turn over, but sounds like its out of gas (its not) tried both keys, checked fuses. What else?

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IF the engine is turning over as you stated and the green immobilizer light is flashing , then yes , there is a problem with the immobilizer SYSTEM. Possibly keys do need reprogramming , but may also be a signal problem with the reciever unit. Will need properly equipped shop or dealer to take care of this. As long as the immobilizer light is flashing it will not start. POSSIBLY the dealer , if you bring it there , can instruct you on how to get it started (a one time shot) using whats called an 'immobilizer brake code' entering a 'code' using the parking brake as an input signal.
The engine sounds like its ready just will not turn over. The battery WAS definitely "bad" and had been for some time. There had been some leakage, and had to be jumped many times, the starter was probably fine...and could have stayed put for awhile. QUESTION: is it possible that all that driving around , killing the battery time and time again, could of shorted out the immobilizer? And is there a way to deactivate it (yourself) ? Obviously not just pulling out the fuse (?). It is an anti theft device right?
What causes it to go "bad", is it very common? Thx very much for the advice.
It IS an anti-theft device. Multiple low voltage and or jumping may have caused the control unit to lose memory. IF the green light is flashing continuously then that is the first place to go. My original reply still stands./////////////////////////////......................////////////////////////////................ 12/19/2012.........running yet? What was the solution?........................never mind????
Hi sorry I never saw this last answer to my question. We finally just had it towed to the dealership yesterday. They called this morning,wanted to know if we had and tried another key. Yes and yes. But right now it looks like the mobilizer, possibly went out due to repeated killings. They haven't started any work on it yet, they're really backed up. When I find out. Ill post it here.maybe save someone else some trouble since it sounds like a common problem.
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what do you mean tries to turn over? poss battery cable issue if cables got battery acid on them over time
We try to start it, turn the key....cha cha cha cha .....the only thing is the green key light keeps flashing (like its the wrong key) even after all the other "stuff" stops (seatbelt,ect.) Does it sound like the engine immobilizer? I could understand one key somehow getting deprogrammed, but both? I guess the battery cables l
Would be an easy fix, except every acc. Works?? husband shot this idea down when I suggested it...ill go buy them myself...let you know, thanks so much
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you don't need new ones unless they are eatin up. so save your $ until your husband inspects them
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