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Q: wont start after 3 hr drive on 1992 Ford Escort

i had drove this car 3 hours nonstop at about 65-70 on the freeway until i arrived in my hometown, when i got off the exit and came to a stop the car had stop running. after that i had tried to start it again and again, and it just wont start. since then i have had it towed to my house and replaced the spark plugs and confirmed there is a spark coming from the spark plug wires. i dont have the tools to take apart the fuel lines to check for fuel but is there any other way i can make sure the engine is getting fuel?
i had heard from this site that if the distrubutor cap has a leaking seal that engine oil will get in there and let the car not start, would it still make a spark if this has happened? please help, thanks everybody!
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it sounds like your car has an Ignition problem in that after it heats up it dies and won't restart. This engine has no distributor. It has coils and wires only. If you could have some one check it for codes, that would help. It may have an ignition Module problem that is intermittent and acts up when it gets hot. This means that the car will make spark when it is cold but not when gets hot. Fuel problems are not USUALLY so intermittent. A fuel problem could be felt as a lack of power as you drove the car and it would get worse and worse. It could also be a relay heating up like for the fuel pump or for the EEC system ( the engine computer).

Ok, your car has spark and fuel. When was the last time your timing belt was replaced?It may have slipped out of time. This could explain the spark and fuel but NO START.
ok thanks for the answer. it has been at my house sitting for about 2 days now. i have checked for spark, its there. i have checked for fuel, its there. and it still wont start. is there anyway to check to see if the ignition module is working correctly? can i test that at home without speacial tools or diagnosis equiptment? thanks again
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